aimee's wedding pictures

remember how my sister got married? here are some of the pictures from her wedding. you can see more here. Their photographer, Alyssa, is one of my best friends and I think her pictures are wonderful. 

 I gave a little speech at their lunch. It was kind of intimidating, but colby's brother warmed them up and so I just had to crack a few jokes, tell some stories and give some advice and I considered it my big break into standup/comedy. And you know, it wasn't actually that intimidating because half of the people were family and sunday school teaching made me a pro at public speaking. 

I guess Dave and I are the only ones who took her seriously when she said to squeeze together?

I totally love this picture. I've seen some similar on the web and really wanted (like it's my wedding or something?) to have one of these. haha. It's for my bridesmaid portfolio, I guess. 


Katya said...

Alyssa did such a good job on these photos! Seriously, they are gorgeous! The colors! Ah, I love them. Amy is a beautiful bride!

Jody Lynn said...

seriously, i can't believe how much teaching relief society helped with my public speaking skills as well. so grateful. the pictures are gorgeous!