birthday girl!

last week was our friend holly's birthday! we have a dinner group once a week and it fell on her birthday. I made her this chocolate cake with this frosting (not as strong as I was hoping, but I messed up the caramel!) (and it was great with graham crackers the next day). 

I sewed a little banner and swirled a spoon around the frosting. I've been wanting to try it for awhile. 

Mel's cake, of course, never disappoints! 

and we're glad to have such a great friend as holly!


Amy and Mark said...

Seriously the cutest picture, and the BEST cake ever! Amanda you're such a wonderful friend--soo grateful for you!

Kristen said...

Love the cake with the banner and swirled frosting! Chocolate cake with caramel frosting sounds divine...You're so talented!

Morgan and Holly said...

Amanda, you are crazy! That cake was the BEST TASTING CAKE EVER!!! You are such a great friend! Seriously, that was the sweetest thing someone has done for me in a long time. Thank you!! And I LOVED that cake :) YUM...(now I want more..haha)

Sara said...

That cake looks wonderful! You have talent!