even the milk is different here

Adjusting to life here isn't bad...living with my in-laws for a week and a half didn't hurt either. For the most part, they have all the same things and we're on the same coast (speaking of coasts: this post brings me 50-80 hits a day. I must have used some great SEO terms or something. Or used a really popular picture from google image search) so thing aren't that different. But there are a few things that are interesting. For one, costo's milk! So weird, right? 

Also, I've never seen so much organic food in my life! In Provo, you had to search hard to find the organic produce. Here, it's the opposite. And since I am almost completely neutral about organic food (all food is organic, hello (and yes, I know what "organic" food means.)...and I do buy it sometimes. It just depends), it's just funny! And you get paper bags as the default and other things. I mean, it is Portland, right? The good news is we live really close to a trader joe's. I have missed that place, since we shopped there almost exclusively for a whole summer. yummy. 

We think this apartment is the same-ish size as our last one but with a little less storage space. As a result, we are happily going through our things to get rid of things. I'm a sentimental and emotional type person (read: i keep things that no one keeps), but as I get older I'm also becoming increasingly simplistic. So, there is a sort of a weird balance of keeping things and not keeping things. (oops, we just bought more hangers)

I think that if you don't use it regularly, you shouldn't have it. My new best friend = our scanner. You don't use all your stuff all at once, I know...so we're just trying to figure out what things make sense to keep under the bed and in our little storage unit for months and months without using. Because if you don't use it for that long, you probably don't need it.  

ANYWAYS. Whilst digging though things, I found my 2002 SLC olympic pins. Man, I loved these things. I loved the olympics in Salt Lake (I first typed "here") Guys, I'm so excited for the summer ones...the commercials give me goosebumps and that mom one totally made me cry. 

So aren't my pins so cool? I am hanging onto them for now, but am not sure what to do with them. They aren't anything I want to display, according to my logic, I don't really need them. Ah well. What things do you hang onto that you probably don't need to??


Jenna & Joey said...

I'm sentimental too, but you can always snip off the "pin" part and replace them with magnets, that way they have a purpose holding things on your fridge or whatever!

Jody Lynn said...

What the milk?! Even when I was in Hawaii the milk looked the same. Weird. I tend to hold onto things too, like my old school binders with notes/assignments still inside and old dance costumes (from when I tried dancing in elementary school). I don't know why I keep them because I hate dancing. I figure when I move out that will be a good time to get rid of clutter.

Sara said...

Get a keepsake box! My mom and dad both have one for their 4H and scouting pins and I loved looking through it as a little girl.

Emily said...

oh portlandia. i can't wait to visit in person! i think you should totally display them! in the guest room or bathroom or somewhere. i think they're so rad. aalso, i titally cried with that commercial. then made ry watch it and cried again.