random things from this week/target is a good place for me to when I have hours to kill

This last week consisted of a lot of apartment hunting, google mapping, craigslisting (just making up verbs all over), tv watching, and, my favorite, shopping at target. I think I went like..3 or 4 times. A time or two out of boredom or time-wasting (while waiting for something) and a few out of having an actual purpose. I bought some of these baskets for our closet and pulled them off the shelf and found this bounty inside. I guess someone was stashing their easter candy and then forgot?

I went to my brother-in-law's track meet on friday (I got there waaay before he vaulted...and luckily there was a target 5 minutes away). It was chilly but pretty cool to watch the vaulting.

Afterwords we got some deeelicious fast food, crashed on the couch and watched some tv. 

then, I got the best house warming gift: cute little henry in his tie onesie. (cropping on my phone leads to crashing for some weird reason these days) I'm dying to meet this kid.


Kara Lyn said...

I love it that you are living in Portland. You are going to have so much fun. I would love it even more if you were my neighbor but I guess I can't have everything. Pole vaulting is the best. I did it in high school and I vaulted in Portland on our occasional track meets. Enjoy Portland and your new apartment.

Emily said...

Target is seriously the best. Weekly trips are a must. And a way to suck up twenty bucks like that. And I'm so glad you liked your gift!! Aand we can't wait to see your new place. I think I've told you that a bajillion times already. But really. You should probably expect a phone call this week. The time zone diff. May just kill me but whatev. I'll be strong. Thank you for reading this short novel. I'm rediculous

Aimee said...

You FOUND that in a basket you bought at target?!?! That would be the greatest surprise ever! So jealous. And miss you guys!!!