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Greetings from portland! I have learned that my hips are out of shape (is that a thing?) or at least my city-walking hips are. Or I am, which is definitely a possibility as exercise kind of dropped off the schedule the last week or so. I did walked a few miles yesterday and, unfortunately, we live on a rather steepish hill so I was pooped by the time I got home and had to take a nap. Also, we get up early now like grown ups and that makes me tired too. Ooh boy. I know, pathetic. Oh well, we are having fun (sort of) adjusting to all these changes. Dave likes his job so far but there isn't that much to it yet, so it's still just new.

We have had rainy weather (of course) but also some beautiful sun as well. It stays lighter long here (the theory is we are on the edge of a time zone?) and I like it! I also have discovered that so far, Oregon cold is Utah chilly, so it's totally doable. So far, at least.

More postings will have to wait until we get the Internet in our apartment (I can't think of everything all at once, I guess). Instead we go over to Dave's parents house to bum dinner, Internet and tools everyday since we "moved in". All our stuff is moved in and we are now trying to find our way out of it. We also have a few DIY projects lined up. So forgive the lack of excitement over here and I'll post more next week!

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Bruce said...

The days are longer in Portland for the same reason that they're even longer in Alaska: you're closer to the north pole.