vegas baby!

in other (good) news, we're headed to vegas for a few days! I don't necessarily even like vegas, but dang it, I will take a vacation where I can get it. Dave is going for business (fancy), and since we had plane ticket credit and now a free room, I'm going with.

So, vegas goers, what should I/we do? I'll have like 4 days alone (yes! more alone time!) but hope pool lounging and other fun things (roller coasters!!) with help ease the loneliness. But we'll have nights out on the town, of course.

what should we do??


Emily said...

Gamble!! But really, I vote pool time, book reading, lounging. Wish I could be there with you and faaaancy Dave and a work vacation. You guys really are classy!

lindsay said...

do you want to see any shows? blue man group is so cool!!!
we spent a lot of time just walking up and down the strip... just looking. go to the m&m factory and the coca cola factory. there's this thing called flavors of the world or something (at coca cola) and you try all these weird drinks from other countries haha. it's kinda fun.
shop! there's a big candy store called FAO Sweets :) I think it's in Caesar's Palace

Katya said...

Woo Vegas! I sort of hate that city, but a vacation is a vacation! There's a pretty great outlet mall a little bit off the strip (not sure if you'll have access to a car, though...) there's a nice little crepe restaurant inside the Paris hotel, and there used to be a tiger exhibit inside the Mirage (like 7 years ago?), and also, there is a lot of shopping in Caesar's Palace. Oh, and there's an In-N-Out, which used to be a lot more exciting before they put one in Orem. There's an M&Ms world and a fake Coke factory that are kind of fun to wander around. Oh, and you should watch the Bellagio fountain show!

That's all I got.

Jody Lynn said...

Vegas is kind of an ugly city, but hey, vacation! The stip is always fun for a little bit of free entertainment. When I was there we just walked around and tried not to stare at the ground too much lol and peopled watched. There are some free shows on the stip at night. The cheesecake factory there is good! We also went to the Stratosphere, but it sort of freaked me out because we were so high up and hights don't agree with me. It kind of made me sick, but if hights don't bother you check it out! It's pretty sweet. Most of the time we just hung out at the pool, and I was more than okay with that!

Kelsey Nelson said...

If you don't mind paying a little money, I hear the bodies exhibit is really cool and a great place to eat is Serendipity 3!

Sara said...

It depends on if you want to spend money or not. If you want to splurge I highly recommend Cirque du Soleil, especially KA. The Phantom at the Venetian was excellent, although I think it's an abbreviated version. The Penn and Teller show was funny and entertaining. If you donate blood in Las Vegas at United Blood services often they'll give you vouchers for free tickets to shows. That's how I go to see their show. So if you want to donate blood, you can call them up and see what they have currently.

For free and cheap stuff on the strip I'd definitely recommend the Bellagio conservatory and botanical gardens. It's my favorite place on the strip. They have a chocolate fountain there and the more famous water one outside. They also have a gallery of fine art, which isn't free, but not too expensive. Right now they have Monet paintings on display. The bodies exhibit at the Tropicana is really interesting. I love Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. The gondola in the Venetian is fun, but if you don't like kissing in public stay away because the gondolier makes you kiss under every bridge. Luv it frozen custard is the best custard place in town.

If you're going to walk between casinos keep in mind that they're a lot further apart than they appear. Some of the casinos have trams between them, which is nice.

If you have access to a car I'd recommend Ethel M Chocolate factory and cactus garden. A lot of people recommend Springs Preserve, but it was built after I left so I've never been there myself. If you want to really get out of the city, Valley of Fire state park is gorgeous and really fun to hike around.

If you like museums there's a natural history museum, a mob museum, a Guinness book of world records museum and an atomic testing museum.

There is of course lots of great shopping. I particularly recommend the Las Vegas Outlet Center. If you want to sound like a native, you can call it the Belz mall. If you just want to window shop the stores on the strip (like the Forum Shops at Caesars) are fun to walk around, but they're a lot more expensive.

I hope you have lots of fun!

Sara said...

Haha wow, I didn't realize my comment was so long in the little box. Sorry!