back to reality...

After returning from vegas, it was a week of adjusting back to reality. After a day or two, I was like, oh yeah, my reality isn't that great sometimes. But you know, good attitude, personal enrichment, blah blah blah. Our weather last week was fabulous, so that helped.

I hit the streets for the first few days and went window shopping, ran some errands and picked up some books to read. You know, for having all this time, I sure don't remember what I did most days. Ah well. 

Highlights of last week: 

we had the BEST lunch from a food cart a few blocks from Dave's work. We went to Kindle Kart and we will definitely be back. Like, if we never tried another place for lunch in my life I would be ok. Their wood-fired pizza was so, so good (I could never pick a favorite from all the Italian-esque pizza we've had). 

And those fries (or pommes frites (poms freets)) were amazing. I mean, just look at them. Fried perfectly and served with a roasted garlic sauce that was oh so good. yum. I want to try their burgers next. 

If you come visit, we'll have to squeeze this into the lunch hours. 

And...we bought some bikes! Dave's isn't here yet, but I was able to get mine. It's a hybrid, which has road bike features but upright handle bar. Perfect! We went for a ride on Saturday with Dave's dad and brother. It was fun (second bike ride of the year?) and I loved my new bike. 

Dave's brother turned 17 (weird to think when I met him he was 13!) and Dave's mom made a salted caramel chocolate ganache tart that was to die for. Definitely a special occasion dessert, but yum. Weird to think that he and I are the youngest of the kids (though I am almost 6 years older), but he's a great and we like living close to him. He's a talented kid and he's fun to hang out with (except when we play settlers of catan...ha). so happy birthday brian!


Emily said...

Hurray for good "back to the grind" weeks. And I can't wait to try more food trucks here, that lunch looks amazing!!

Laura C said...

I love food carts! The "pod" on Alder, I think, is a great one. I've gotten awesome Indian food there.