Following in the footsteps of one of my bffs, katie, I would just like to get a few observations about pinterest off my chest. (read her funny posts here, here and here)

Please note that if you do these things and are my friend, I still like you. This wouldn't actually influence our friendship at all. Also, I'm not referring to any one person, so please don't be offended. I realize that if you have to preface your post with this, someone may be offended. But, whatever.

1. I love how it's turned into a contest for the most creative boards. I mean, sure, I named a few my boards based off of office quotes (nifty gifties) or despicable me (lightbulb) or things I would say (do it maself), but most of them are just straight up what they are (babies, food to try, clothes). It sometimes bugs me that we have to name them things that describe the board in the most unique or foreign language-y or creative way.

Like, really, it's pinterest. We all know there is nothing really original anymore. (joke)

2. WHAT is with the boards named future babies/children/other term for children or babies someday or not right now but for babies later?

Are we so judgmental as a society that someone can't just name a board "babies" without thinking that people will think they are having a baby? Married, not married or 15 years old, it's a board about babies and no one should care if someone who just got married or is getting married or has been married for years creates a board called "babies". It's highly unlikely that is an announcement so for the love, babies are babies, unless you really are making a board for how to dress a baby that will be born in 2100. (that is a future baby.)  No one cares (or they shouldn't) that you have a board for babies but you aren't pregnant yet or whatever. Let's stand together against dumb people who assume way too much!

we all just like to pin cute baby clothes, no matter our life situation. am I right?

And I guess we name boards "future home" or "future wedding" so I do see how "future babies" is the same, but for some reason, I think naming a board "future" anything is sort of...redundant. 

So those are some things I don't understand. But then again, I don't understand a lot of things these days, like wide short shirts or why one-piece pant suits are coming back into style.

ok, anyway. anyone else have favorite observations from pinterest?


Teri Bench said...

Agree with everything. Isn't it kind of for your own use anyway, so the whole competition thing is weird.

Teri Bench said...

Agree with everything. Isn't it kind of for your own use anyway, so the whole competition thing is weird.

Kelsey said...

Ha ha! Now, I've got a great image in my mind of "future babies."

Kelsey Nelson said...

Oh my goodness, so many funny things about pinterest. I love it when people repin things that I, or someone else, tagged someone in and doesn't remove the tag of someone they don't even know! I mean, I hardly ever change the description, but it really doesn't take that long...

Laura C said...

Haha yes! I love Katie's funny pinterest finds, and I completely agree with the one-piece pantsuit phenomenon. "Rompers" were bad enough but really? I think one of my favorites is the 15,000 lists of "2 planks, 4 sit ups, 12 jumping jacks, this 15 time each morning and you'll have a rockin' bod" Probably works, I just think they are funny.

Katya said...

I second what Kelsey said. Or when the description says something like "My husband loved this meal!" and the person who pinned it isn't married. bahaha.

I think I have like a million other things I want to share about pinterest (hence all the blog posts I guess), but I can't think of any right now! Except, sometimes people pin the ugliest/tackiest things/crafts and it is all I can do to stop myself from commenting on them "this is hideous."

That's all.

Jo said...

I feel like we are like-minded people. Can we just get together and speak our mind? :)

Jessie Heaton said...

Yes, I am so tempted to make a board of things on pinterest that need to be mocked. but i can't bring myself to do it..yet. I don't mean a board of funny stuff, that I already have. What I mean is a board of stuff that other people really take seriously, like parenting things, or crafts, or home decor, or clothing, and just pin it cause I think it's RIDICULOUS. Like, WHO needs a faster, more convenient way to clean baseboards? Isn't it easy enough to just dust them off!?!?!

Ranting over.