filling out hr forms is really boring me.

I know sometimes (especially in the past few months) this blog gets serious and heavy and I just want to say that I am not mopey all the time (or even most the time). Most often, writing helps me clear my head and gives me the outlet I need to then move on or at least be okay again. I think sometimes I just need to know my thoughts are out of my head and into the world (wide web) and then if people want to care, they can. 

While almost all my time has been spent at our apartment (since we moved here, for the last year and a half, take your pick), I have filled my days with a lot of productive things. Cleaning, sorting, cooking, errands, some exploring and some projects have thankfully given me things to do. 

And so while I'd rather be doing something like going to school or working 9-5 at this super awesome job that I'm qualified for (as opposed to way over qualified), I'm not. And I'm going to do the best I can to fill my days with good things. And you know, if that means at the end of the day I spent a few hours getting to catch a nap, watch a t.v show or read or whatever else I chose to do, well, there are worse ways to spend your days. 

I do hope to find a job, but I also don't want to get a stupid job for the sake of having a job because that seems worse to me than not having a job? 

So I'm going to try and be more grateful for all this extra time and continue to better myself from it.


Emily said...

haha I love the title. so. true. and totally agree with the getting a good job part. I did that in utah too (well, the stupid/overqualified thing).

Kelsey Nelson said...

I totally agree that your day can be fulfilling without school or a meaningful job, it just takes a little more effort!

Kristy said...

It's hard being in the apartment all day. I don't think that I've ever been like this, so I'm glad that we get to paint our apartment, or I might be going nuts right now. Good luck finding a sweet job that you love and is great! I hope the best for you!

Laura C said...

I'm definitely experiencing that lull of not being in school and waiting for my internship, and I keep having to remind myself to enjoy this time and that it's okay to watch movies and read books and sleep in, because pretty soon I'll be working my tail off.

And I'm subletting an apartment in the upper west side (sort of near Central Park..yay!) with 3 other girls for the summer. It's going to be a party :), and a lot of work as well. It's crazy to think that as cheesy as it sounds, I'll be living and working in the city that I've mostly only experienced through movies and books.

ps: your apartment looks really cute! I'm glad you're liking Portland so far :)