Rose garden take 1

I've been waiting to go to Portland's rose garden for...three years, since I first came here with Dave. We finally walked up there. It was actually a little disappointing but we are too early in the season. It was still a nice garden and we will definitely be going back.

This week we are in Vegas and I'm writing this as we are waiting to board (so hopefully the formatting works). Have a good week and maybe we will come back millionaires. Just kidding. :)

Here is to sunshine, in-n-out (I miss it already), shopping and a little roller coaster action!!


Emily said...

We just google-maps stalked you--looks like such a fun place to live! And I'm for public gardens. Hopefully one day you can see Boston's :)

Christensens said...

If you want to see the Rose Garden up close and personal, you can come to our ward service project. Every year we volunteer to help out there. We work hard or hardly work, have lunch and then go home. Have fun in Vegas!

kt said...

yeah, there are DEF more roses in August / September, don't worry it gets better!!!!