vegas/when will we invent apparating?

We made it back from vegas! We had a pretty great time, too. The weather was fantastic and I had a pretty good time exploring during the day and we had some fun (sort of...the strip is disgusting) at night. The first night we went to a reception put on by the conference and then ate some appetizers with a bunch of BYU alumni, old CT coworkers and Dave's old (and by old I mean like 3 weeks old) grad professor. It was fun to hang out with people who have fun like we do :) 

Tuesday and Wednesday we took the hotel shuttle down to the strip and ate (more to come on that), checked out the bellagio, its garden display (beautiful) and the fountain show (loved it), and one night we walked to the m&m/coke store. That probably wasn't worth the walk, but it was fun. 

During the days I lounged by the pool (the sun felt amazing, even under high spf), shopped, ate, and walked a ton. I also rode some roller coasters at Circus Circus, which is SO FAR AWAY from the main part of the strip. Unfortunately, 2 of the 5 rides were down, but there was no way I was walking back without enjoying a few rides. So I stayed for a couple hours and had a decent time...walking around riding roller coasters with teenagers isn't my ideal day, but hey! I had some fun and probably photo bombed some pictures while I was at it. It also wasn't Disneyland but beggars can't be choosers :) 

Another day I also walked the other way to the luxor for the Bodies exhibit. My favorite class from my undergrad was my pdbio class and unfortunately, I didn't get to continue with those type of classes. I love learning about medicine and the human body. I thought the Bodies exhibit was the most amazing thing. The displays were so fascinating and I just loved it. I was also proud I recognized and remembered all of the body part names, locations and functions. I loved the interesting facts they gave you, the bodies and parts on display (each section was about a different system) and it was SO awesome to see how it all fits together. So much cooler than just seeing it in a textbook. If you're in the three states where it's located, I highly recommend it! 

So much of Vegas is just unbelievable to me. There are so many HUGE buildings (especially ceasar's! that whole complex is amazing). So many people, so many fancy stores (and often a few of each in each of the malls), so many hotel rooms, so much gambling, drinking and smoking (it's a public health nightmare; I can't believe people can still smoke in those closed-in casinos...) and heaven knows what else. It's just... unbelievable. It was also funny to us how many people took pictures of everything (like the hotel shuttle? every single casino? I mean, to us it was's just vegas...but I guess we can take some?) Here are some pictures of our adventures: 


Sara said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!

Jo said...

Looks so fun! I have to comment about your high spf...I use spf 100 haha and I am just tickled to see someone else uses a high one too. Probably not as high because I am a paranoid skin person...but still! :)