wall gallery

The final project we finished up last week was our wall gallery. This has been in progress since our first week here, but for now it's at a stopping point . This wall extends past this picture on the left to our door, so it has potential for a lot more! 

There are also so many styles of wall galleries to use as inspiration, but I just used what we already had (with a few exceptions) and look forward to a house some day with endless walls to try other styles of galleries! (like this, this or this)

I'm not an interior designer and Dave could not have cared less, so...I did my best! Not sure if the spacing looks too "loose" or if everything flows well. What do you think? Being able to put holes in the wall is so nice. I'm keeping my eye out for more interesting frames or just more in general to add to the wall. Nothing too fancy, but it will be fun to maybe add more to it as the months go by. 

This side is my favorite. I feel like it fits together pretty well (the other side, where the two empty frames are has given me so much trouble just fitting together! arg. Still not in love with it but I don't want to keep making more holes, ha. It's changed so much since the only pieces that were up were the mirrors and the big frame)

We already owned all the frames except the right-hand white one, which is from ikea. The two mirrors are also from ikea. Dave made the ampersand. 

The large Eiffel tower print is from ikea. I made the "nothing worth having comes easy" sign (anyone want a pdf?), and the bike is from this print. I would have used the whole thing but there wasn't a free horizontal frame! And at that point, I was not messing with it...again

The tree and the "all you need is love" sign are both cards. So yes, if you give me a card like this, I may use it as art!

Still looking for something to fill up the other frames. Not sure if I want to find more artsy things or print some more family pictures. 

Anyway, thanks for all your nice comments about the projects I shared. More to come next month! 


kt said...

I think this looks great! I totally use cards as art, too :) It's a great way to go!

Jody Lynn said...

i think it looks great! you really can't mess up a wall gallery though. what's great about it is you can keep adding to it too. i've always wanted to do something like this as well. can't wait to see more projects from you!

Christensens said...

I like it. I didn't even notice empty frames until you mentioned them. I think the map turned out well too, and the hope chest. You are a clever one!

Katya said...

I love this!!! And that ampersand is so great. Good one Dave!

Emily said...

Love. You really are my inspiration for getting our apt. more home-y!

Jenna & Joey said...

I love this! I have a gallery wall in my apartment that still has engagement pictures in the frames haha, maybe i'll get around to changing them out someday!

Alli Rickard said...

SOO Cute!!! You've done such a good job with it!

Jessica White said...

I think this is so darling! Good work girly!