where the floor and wall meet is multicolored.

If anyone is interested, here are a few projects we worked on last week.

My parents gave me a hope chest when I was sixteen. Luckily we haven't had to move it around every time we've moved the last few years, but we took possession of it last month. I really wanted to reupholster it, so we picked out some staples and I ripped out all the staples. It took two episodes of Bones but I chiseled and pried out all 1 billion staples. 

Then we stapled the new fabric on. It turned out a little lumpy, but it isn't that bad. Dave is a pro at stapling corners. He does most of the work for projects like these. I think it will all conform together eventually. We found the fabric at Joanns and we liked it because it's fresh (is that a term to describe fabric?), way more modern, not too busy and mostly neutral. It also matches our wall and some pillows really well. It's cloudy today so the pictures aren't that great.

Another project was a small chalkboard for our kitchen. It's between the fridge and the washer/dryer (it's a gallery kitchen) and I really like it as a menu board so far. I used something else before, but this frees up counter space. We bought a thin piece of wood at Home Depot for $4 and had them cut it to 2x3 (or, in this particular worker's case, 24 x 37, since I guess "cut a foot off of a 2 x 4" isn't specific enough?). When we own a house someday, it would be fun to paint a larger area with chalkboard paint (or a fridge).

I used Martha Stewart's chalkboard paint in gray, and hope it doesn't blend into the wall too much. We thought it would be a darker gray, but we preferred gray over black. We are wanting to attach a small shelf on the bottom to hold chalk and the dust from it, because you know, who sweeps everyday?

and now, if you come visit, we will count down the days on our chalkboard!


Shanna Selin said...

Looks great!

Morgan and Holly said...

cute projects! I like your drawing of the bike on your chalkboard :) It adds an extra touch!

Jody Lynn said...

cute! i love it all. also, i so want a chalkboard paint wall in my home one day. so fun.

Kristy said...

I want to have a chair rail in a kids play room and have the bottom half of the wall painted with chalk board paint, then they can draw/write on the walls in a specific spot. That's on my wish list in a billion years.

Emily said...

Love it. and love that grey chalkboard paint instead of the black. I do believe we'll be copying you one day.

Teri Bench said...

Hope chest looks good! You (and dave) are very skilled!