and perhaps I am back from my random blogging hiatus, but we'll see. I have felt over the past few weeks that I have a lot to say, but that I either can't say it in a way that I want or that I have said it already on this blog and don't want to seem redundant and complain-y. 

I have struggled the last month or so to find meaning and purpose in my life and I'm still working on it. What I want to write about are things I've already written about, in all the posts I've written (from 2010!) on being stuck (last month!) and feeling like another freaking year is just in the way (though, thankfully, it's almost july which means only half a year!) 

So I have a lot on my mind, but it's the same old things. I have nothing to write about at the moment, but I hope that will change soon. I know that there are seasons to life and that it doesn't do any good to compare one life to another. But, (of course) it's hard to think how little I've done with my life for the last little while while my friends are getting MDs, PhDs and JDs. 

Ah well. I'm working on it. 

rose garden, take 2


a few weekends ago we walked up to the rose garden and there were so many roses! (and a few other types of flowers) It was much better than our last trip and I think later in the summer it will be even better. 

9 cupcakes just isn't enough.

Even with my unfortunate abundance of free time, I've seemed to be avoiding blogging. Oh well. 

Last week we had some new friends over for dinner (that recipe to follow) and I made these chocolate souffle cupcakes with mint cream. Kind of a bad picture (as usual?) and not as pretty as smitten kitchen's, but they were still great. And gluten free! They were also easy to make as well. And that cream, well, it was incredible. I should have made more than the recipe called for because there was no way I had enough to replicate the dollops on the originals. Live and learn. 

four day work weeks rule.

Well, now it's Friday and let's talk about Memorial day weekend. Last week Dave had shop training, which meant he had to go to work reeeeally early. We therefore tried to go to bed at 9ish every night which meant it was a week of terrible sleep. We were very glad to get to the weekend. On Saturday we met some friends and tried some delicious thai food and ice cream across the river. It was fun!

On Monday we went for a bike ride along the river, which is such a cool ride. Such a great view of the city! Then we decided to go get a donut at Voodoo donuts, Portland's famous (I think) and less than classy donut shop. We walked 17 blocks down, saw the line was a million people long, and walked 20 blocks back for a milkshake at the Moonstruck cafe, which was so good! We had a mint shake with honeycomb chips in it which were really good. Then we had a great dinner at Dave's parents. 

We also enjoyed some beautiful peonies. 

And then this week has been really boring, but at least it's only four days long! 

And ok, thank goodness it's June. May was like a million weeks long.