four day work weeks rule.

Well, now it's Friday and let's talk about Memorial day weekend. Last week Dave had shop training, which meant he had to go to work reeeeally early. We therefore tried to go to bed at 9ish every night which meant it was a week of terrible sleep. We were very glad to get to the weekend. On Saturday we met some friends and tried some delicious thai food and ice cream across the river. It was fun!

On Monday we went for a bike ride along the river, which is such a cool ride. Such a great view of the city! Then we decided to go get a donut at Voodoo donuts, Portland's famous (I think) and less than classy donut shop. We walked 17 blocks down, saw the line was a million people long, and walked 20 blocks back for a milkshake at the Moonstruck cafe, which was so good! We had a mint shake with honeycomb chips in it which were really good. Then we had a great dinner at Dave's parents. 

We also enjoyed some beautiful peonies. 

And then this week has been really boring, but at least it's only four days long! 

And ok, thank goodness it's June. May was like a million weeks long. 

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