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I got a new ice cream maker for my birthday and we've tried out two recipes. A lemon sorbet and a salted caramel ice cream. I used this recipe for the caramel but used a philadelphia base instead of french/custard style (don't I sound so cultured?) It turned out well, but the lame-o part of homemade ice cream is it tastes WAY better the next day, as we learned this week.

I also made this bread today and it is really good. You know that "artisan bread in 5 minutes" thing that has been floating around? I never tried it because I thought it was too...hard? But this, while if I compared the two recipes I would find they are probably about the same, this seemed way easier. And it was super easy. Only thing is, if you want it for dinner like I did, you have to start it the day before, since it needs 12-18 hours to rise. Ah well, I got around to it eventually. try it. 

We are headed to Seattle this weekend for a quick little trip. I've never been so I am excited. 

Also, anyone have a favorite ice cream recipe?


Heidi said...

Yay homemade! Did you use a cast iron pot for the bread? I've been wanting to make it, but I ain't buying a fancy Le Creuset :) Have fun in Seattle!

Kara Lyn said...

You will love Seattle. It is so fun. Be sure to go to Pike's Place. It has some good fish. As far as ice cream goes, I love cookies and cream or mint chocolate chip. Good stuff.

Kristen said...

An ice cream machine for your birthday...that sounds like my kind of present! The bread looks fabulous! I've been wanting to try it out but don't have the right pot...what did you use? Hope you had fun in Seattle!