the fourth in portland

This year for the fourth we didn't do much. We mostly hung out at my in-laws house all day and ate a lot of really good food (which, who is complaining about that?). Susan, my mother-in-law made these cookies and they were so good. And patriotic. I told her about this drink I saw floating around the internet and we bought the drinks for it.

It worked, but not exactly as pictured on OBB. The blue did not show up blue at all, but when my brother-in-law used food coloring, it sort of worked. But red and white still works. And, it was a tasty mix. 

Then we went outside for the fireworks. We mostly heard them, because there are too many stinking trees to see anything!! We did have a few gaps in the skyline that allowed a bunch of the big ones to be seen. I really missed last year's firework experience, with the whole sky filled with newly legal big fireworks (that we could actually see). But we did see a few and brian and dave lit a bunch of these types, which was pretty cool too: 

I think yesterday was the first time I've really been homesick for Utah. So while I am glad we have great air quality here, I really missed the fourth in Provo. I also missed our fourth in DC (though not the heat stroke). I guess those were two years that will be hard to beat. I also realized that last year I "started" a tradition, but completely, completely forgot about it this year. haha. 

I told Dave that I may have to find myself in Provo or DC next year for the fourth. no offense to portland. 

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Katya said...

I'll meet you in DC, okay? :)