hardest v worst.

On Saturday Dave and I decided to bike to Dave's parent's house. They only live like 5.5 miles from us or something. It wasn't like the time we biked to my parents house (8 miles or so) or anything. Unfortunately, the terrain is less friendly than provo/orem. Portland is built on a bunch of hills. There are basically two ways to get there: ride on the freeway (though it's probably not a "freeway" since bikes are allowed?) and then down a windy/fast road with a drop off to under the stilts of the houses. OR you bike through the southwest hills of portland, down a windy road (but with no drop off) and finish it off on a highway (with a bike lane). We chose the later.

Now, this turned out to be the hardest bike ride of my life, and I didn't even bike for half of the time. Or even a fourth, probably. NOW, this is not the WORST bike ride of my life, that would be THIS ride. (you KNOW I had to bring that up, since it's one of my favorites. ALSO, it's been exactly two years, so it's almost fitting. I also fixed a terrible grammatical error that I made when I originally wrote it and feel much better.) I also can't believe I thought I could bike 18 miles in the summer of 2010. laughable. 

Anyway, Saturday. It was hot and sunny (high 80s) and we took off around noon. We live both at the top and the bottom of a hill. We biked the few blocks uphill to the bridge we'd cross to start climbing the freaking mountain that stood between our house and Dave's parents. I am proud that I biked as far as I did, even though, pathetically, it was probably like 1/2 a mile at most? Maybe a whole mile? (nah, probably not). but it was all uphill. Then we round a corner and I stared at the hill in defeat. It went on forever, just a steady climb. There is NO WAY I could have biked that without fainting. I bike on our stationary bike almost everyday, but that in no way prepares me for uphill biking. So I had us pull over because I felt like I was going to die and I would need to walk my bike up the hill.

Dave walked with me, though I insisted he could totally bike up the hill and I'd meet him at the top. (the top being actually like 2-3 miles from the top) But he is nice and just walked with me. So we conquered the first hill. So steep. So hot. Rested before climbing another stretch of the hill. I don't actually know how far we walked and I mean, I make this sound like we walked for 10 miles when it was probably only 2 or so. But it was SO uphill and just never ending! It's a pretty area (very rich and fancy) and the houses are really cool but I was just thinking how this was the dumbest thing we have ever done. Ride our bikes over a mountainhill, eh?

So anyways, we FINALLY made it to the top. We even rode our bikes for a short stretch on our way up since it seemed like it was leveling off/going down. Nope. So after a little bit it was back off the bikes. At the top we gladly jumped on our bikes and didn't even have to pedal that much since it was downhill! It was a windy and sort of busy road. There was plenty of room for cars to pass (though it was just one lane each way). My hands were glued to my brakes because I don't like going too fast on bikes and it was a bit scary. Ah well, we made it to the highway (which is like state street in orem) and it was glorious! My kind of bike ride! FLAT! It felt so good to pedal and feel your legs working but not feel like you're going to die. Too bad that part like 1/2 mile at most. We finally made it to his parents and I will never do that again.

Then we ate lunch (hmm, we always tend to end up there during mealtimes. sorry!) and it was delicious and mostly made up of chips left over from the 4th. And after a while Dave biked back without me. He said he went super slow up the hill, but at least he could bike the whole time. And yeah, then he drove back to get me.

whatever. You bike up a hillmountain and the turn around and do it in the opposite order. I DON'T THINK SO. never again.

this is approximately what we did (though this starts in the pearl and we live in goose hollow). I'm hoping the climb impresses someone or something (I don't know how it compares to anything), so like it wasn't traumatic for nothing. Or that I'm not making this up.

oh well, we survived! and I am grateful that our bodies work!


kt said...

haha this is awesome! So do you think you will aspire to bike it someday or just never again? I am not into cycling, so I know I would never attempt it regardless...

Christensens said...

I laughed all the way through this blog, beginning with the paragraph mentioning the old grammatical error and ending long after I finished reading it. Nice writing and I think you were either brave or crazy to attempt such an outing.

Emily said...

Ahhhh we're so glad we got to experience the worst bike ride with you :) Not really, but I love that we can share in the awfulness together. And I'd totally make Ry do the same thing. Heck no would I ride it back.