the benches take portland

My parents and two youngest sisters came to visit us last week. We had lots of fun and ate some delicious food. 

We went to the rose garden, walked down to the waterfront and across some bridges, went berry picking and shopping, went to the tillamook cheese factory and cannon beach, hiked multnomah falls and went to council crest, visited the temple (sort of; it's closed and so are the grounds but the visitor's center is great!) watched the opening ceremonies and went to mount st. helen's (which is amazing)! It was a fun week with enough planned but also some nap/plenty of eating time! 

Speaking of eating time, we ate some great food. We have thus far tried two portland restaurants/food carts, so those were first on the list. After that, we were able to try some new places. We ate some great pizza, fries and burgers (pizzacato, kindle kart), sandwiches (big a$$ sandwiches, elephant's delicatessen (new favorite sandwich: croque madame)), seafood (mo's), and some favorites like olive garden and red robin. (and my mom's favorite, lunch at costco). We also tried a lot (a lot) of doughnuts from voodoo doughnuts* and I made some homemade berry ice cream for our olympic party. 

Portland is the food cart mecca of the usa (or so I've read). There are over 500 and while I doubt we would ever try them all, we are off to a great start! (not really, but we'll try)

I forgot to take pictures in some places so I'll just steal some of my sister's photos when she uploads them. 

Thanks for coming and spoiling us, parents/sisters! It was a fun vacation. Even though for most of the days I felt like I was 17 on a family vacation and my boyfriend was back home (dave had to work). Haha. 

*We have now tried at least half the menu at voodoo. Dave thinks they are overrated (but he also hates going downtown, so I think they are related) and while I am no doughnut connoisseur, I think they are worth a try. Some of them were downright delicious, weird names and all. 


Kristen said...

All the food sounds AMAZING! I've been to Mo's and the Tillamook cheese factory, but the rest are going on my list for our next Oregon trip! Glad you had fun with your family!

Emily said...

Ahhh I love food vacations. And that it felt like you were 17 again. And that now I know exactly what we're doing when we come and visit you one day.

Jason said...

We had a great time. I'm looking forward to trying more food carts in our future visits.