If you ask me, the best views of Portland are on the bridges. Portland has a lot of bridges, and they are all unique and very cool. We almost can name them all and in order. Our favorite is the freemont bridge (the third down). It's one of the tallest and coming down from the north side, it gives you THE BEST view. It's very hard to capture on camera (I've tried every time we've driven down), but you can see the west side of the city, the west hills with their gorgeous houses and the river. I love it. Almost all the bridges are walkable and they are fun to walk. They are less fun to drive across accidentally, which I have done many times. But, you still get a view on your way back. 


Jody Lynn said...

there's a bridge we drove over a lot when i was in seattle (can't remember the name of it). but i tried to take a picture of it every time and failed! i know what you mean. haha.

Emily said...

Totally unfamiliar with how cool bridges can be until moving somewhere with lots of water. I love going down the Harvard bridge seeing all the sailboats and all of Boston. I'm pretty sure no picture can compare though--I'll just have to savor it in my mind like you :)