csa/summer recipes

Last week I signed up for a CSA program in Portland. It's where you purchase a share of produce from local farms and then pick up a basket full of whatever they harvested that week. I meant to do it last year but never did. I also missed out on half of this program, but they let you sign up each week during it, which is nice. We've enjoyed it so far. We've gotten some squash, hot peppers (not knowing they were hot the first week...that was a surprise), banana peppers, lettuce (sounds weird, but it is the softest lettuce we've ever had and it's delicious), tomatoes (my favorite part is the carton of cherry tomatoes!), cucumbers, corn on the cob, apricots, cranberry beans and this week we got some parsley. Each week we've also gotten something we've never really eaten or cooked with before. Last week was cranberry beans and golden beets (both good) and this week we'll try and make some kohlrabi. They even throw in some flowers each week.

here is a terrible picture of some of the produce from this week: 

I roasted the beets and we ate them with goat cheese (it was good, but we're going to pickle the rest), lemon orzo salad (one of our favorites) with peppers and cucumbers, summer squash soup (with milk instead of cream because we didn't have any) (I wanted to try this one but we didn't have everything for it). I also made this cranberry bean stew because it was the easiest recipe I found...and think it was better as a salsa the next day. 

Anyway, I'm kind of excited for the rest of the weeks. It all tastes delicious (fresh tomatoes are unbelievable...I am really missing our little garden from last year), lasts us all week and it's local, which of course, as portlandians, we totally care about (joking...I mean, it's great that it's local/seasonal but you know, I'm not nutso about that or anything). I mostly bring it up because of this clip: 

I don't even know if it's all organic.

Any favorite squash or other late summer produce recipes??


Jody Lynn said...

i love this idea! here in utah it's called "bountiful baskets" or something like that. i've always wanted to try it, but i live at home and i'm not married sooooooo...

that would be a lot of wasted vegetables.

Sara said...

Sounds like fun! Also, that's my favorite Portlandia clip.

Kristen said...

I've always wanted to try out one of these produce programs. Sounds like such a great way to get tasty fresh produce and also experience foods you wouldn't otherwise buy. Also, LOVE the video clip. It's hilarious.

Emily said...

I did Bountiful Baskets a few weeks in UT and loved it. Seems like it's about the same thing, which is rad because every CSA I've seen is mega expensive, which is a bummer. One day we'll have a garden or CSA or something, but first I'd just like a window that's at eye level. We've got a long way to go :) And those recipes look so fun. Way to go for experimenting!