Last Saturday we went to a dahlia festival that was about 20 minutes south of Portland. Dave and his dad biked over and everyone else drove. There were so many varieties of dahlias! I had no idea there were so many. Some were HUGE puffballs (almost the size of a basketball) and some were really tiny. They had ones I never would have guessed were dahlias, but of course they all have a similar, distinctive leaf,  and I could probably tell if something was a dahlia outside of the festival. 

We had some decent fair food (a great pulled pork sub) and enjoyed the indoor display and the funny names they had come up with. It was a nice sunny day and thanks to the in-laws for letting us tag along! 

if I take more than one picture, this is the smile I get from dave (unless I tell him to really smile). missed it this time. I tried to get at least one dahlia in the background. ha.

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Katya said...

So pretty! I love the flowers! That's basically how Aaron feels about multiple photos, too.