for the record: it does not rain here all of the time.

Today was so hot. I have lived in the desert (but no, not Arizona) and the huuuumid east coast. I know what hot is. It was 100 degrees! The last time I felt this hot was after walking all over DC. 

We went berry picking today and it was fun, in spite of the heat. A bucket of berries and sweat later (not a cloud nor breeze to be seen) we happily paid $5 for these beauties and turned up the car AC.  

We spent the afternoon cleaning our apartment and car and the settled into the heat of our apartment. Deciding we did not want to clean another dish nor heat up the house to cook, we decided to try a food card that shows up close to our place a few times a week, koi fusion. It's korean bbq and mexican food mixed together. It was great! Definitely a unique flavor, but really good. And for $2 tacos, I feel this will be big part of our Friday and Saturday nights.  (I cannot get this paragraph to left-align?)

Also, we're pretty sure the lady in the truck thought we were brother and sister. She said (and I'm paraphrasing, but it's fairly accurate) "isn't it funny? you guys have, like, the same complexion and hair color, but you have, like, olive-colored eyes and you have these deep, blue-sky eyes. Aren't genetics so crazy?" uh...yes. 

So we're just lounging around tonight, eating berries, smelling salty (haha) and hoping it cools down a bit up here! 

hope you had a good weekend!

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Kristy said...

I'm so jealous of the berries! I miss that about Oregon. There aren't really places to pick them here :( I hope it cools down for you.