who thought anyone could write this much about popcorn?

Earlier this summer I bought some popcorn kernels and tried making popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave. It worked! Most of the time, anyway. But it seemed that lately my success rate has lowered to about 50/50. I usually leave it in for just seconds too long, and end up with mostly burned popcorn. Sometimes I'll pick out the good ones, but last time I just threw it all away. Dave offered to buy me a popcorn popper, but I valiantly said I'd just tough it out. Then we saw one at fred meyer and I thought that it'd be cool to have one, but we should try to find one for cheap/free. So of course, Dave'd parents have one they aren't currently using and we snatched it. And love it. And now Dave can just buy me something else! (haha, kidding. sort of. who says no to gifts?)

We brought it home on Saturday and both wanted to try it. Dave just wanted buttery popcorn and I wanted to try something extra delicious, but easy. He fondly remembered a white-chocolatey popcorn he had once and we happened to have a quarter bag of white chocolate/vanilla chips. But I was feeling more like caramel popcorn, but didn't want to make the caramel. I found a recipe that used honey and peanut butter for a faux-caramel and it had pretty good reviews. I thought it sounded okay and Dave, eating his completely butter-saturated popcorn, thought that it sounded gross.

I decided to make half recipes of both kinds. First, I used a pyrex bowl over a sauce pan for a double broiler (I thought it was a pretty good idea and still am certain that people do that..?) but I ended up with chocolate that refused to melt. I tried melting it in the microwave and that just ruined it. Ugh. So, I attempted the honey/pb kind and used up the last bit of honey we had...and it wasn't enough and I failed to reduce the peanut butter. So it wasn't liquid-y and I was frustrated. BOTH recipes failed.

I should have known better...faux caramel? That can only end in tears.

Which, mind you, it did, as I flipped the spatula out of the boiling hot gloop and caught it with my hand. It was sooo hot and caused some startled/pain tears. So I retreated to the couch, icing my fingers, sniffling, while Dave gave it one more go. Since we were out of honey but had a few chocolate chips left, he attempted to make another type of double broiler, where he floated the smaller sauce pan in the larger once. Maybe our chocolate chips were old and sucky, but by golly, IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED. But it didn't. But Dave popped some popcorn and stuck the gloopy ball of chocolate in there and shook and shook and what do you know? It worked!

and it was deeeee-licious, as you'd expect popcorn covered in white chocolate to be. yuuum. It's good we don't have any more chocolate chips (or like, half the things one should have in a pantry...oops) because I'd be eating that all week.

I'd still really like some caramel popcorn or some cheesy popcorn, but I'm not sure that powered cheese is anything anyone should really be eating, you know? And honestly, it wasn't the faux-caramel's fault...I picked that because most of the time it's real caramel causing the tears. Last time I made it for homemade caramel ice cream, I had to make it twice because I overcooked it. Sheesh! So finicky. (and let's not forget the apple cider caramels from last year) (hmm, that post is kind of depressing...but just skip to the bottom)

Oh well. I actually think that plain ol' popcorn tastes great. But a little butter, salt and sugar for some kettle corn never hurt anyone. And what a delicious way to eat butter, amiright?

I think it's time to see if we can purchase a double broiler that was made for our pans.

And anyone have a favorite popcorn recipe??


Katya said...

You are making me really hungry. I keep wanting to make caramel popcorn but then I keep forgetting. And yes, caramel is a freaking beast to make. I just watched an episode of Masterchef in which someone used a pyrex bowl over a sauce pan to melt chocolate, so yes, totally legitimate! Sorry it didn't work out that way!

Alena said...

hi there! big fan of popcorn too! My favorite, though, is this recipe with a dash or a lot more than a dash of vanilla:


because it's pretty easy. I know corn syrup isn't the best but hands down, I never fail to be sad when I have a handful of that.. in my hand. So delicious. And I usually end up eating a lot more than one handful so I don't make it tooo often. But wow, now I really want some popcorn. Good thing I already brushed my teeth! :)

That was really long. I hope you're well!

Kristen said...

I love popcorn!! I've been trying to decide if I can justify buying an air popper as well....glad you found one! I like to add cayenne pepper, garlic powder, black pepper, cajun seasoning, etc to bagged buttered popcorn to spice it up. I have the best caramel popcorn recipe. It makes the most amazing buttery crunchy caramel popcorn! It's a little long to post here so I'll email it to you!

Sara said...

My favorite way to have popcorn is with some olive oil, z'atar and salt. The olive oil doesn't get hard when the popcorn cools, so it's good at room temperature too!

Kelsey said...

We love cinnamon and sugar on our popcorn!
Ooh! Or Parmesan and ranch seasoning if we wanting the savory.

cindy said...

parm is good

kylie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE white chocolate popcorn. now i want some. usually i buy gourmet-type popcorn...no attempts in my kitchen.