Labor Day

For Labor Day we went on a ward bike ride and then had a picnic at a park near the river. It was a gorgeous day and it was fun to ride our bikes on the boardwalk, which we haven't done for a while. I love the view from the Willamette river, as I've mentioned before. We rode most the ride by ourselves as we got lost/separated from the group, but once we found the part of the boardwalk we usually go to, we found our way and caught up. It was a fun way to explore a little more of the riverfront.

I also made it to the park all by myself WITHOUT even going across a bridge on accident or getting on the freeway. Between our apartment and the park is the section of downtown that I have yet to truly conquer by myself. It's full of freeway onramps, bridges, busy roads and other crazy things. You gotta make your lane changes on time or you're off in another direction really fast. I was quite proud of myself.

The picnic was pretty good and then we enjoyed another delicious meal at Dave's parents, watched Sherlock Holmes 2 and ate a toooon of caramel popcorn. you know, the usual.

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