weirdly related: favorite show + dream hair cut.

After finding myself with a sort-of terrible hair cut, I keep thinking of what I will have done to fix it in November when we fly to Utah. I love having short hair, but sometimes miss long hair. I hate the part where you're growing it out, especially since it takes me 3 years and you get that awkward-ish middle part. 

BUT. Rashida Jones. I absolutely love this shoulder-length hair style. Of course, her flawless hair has absolutely nothing to do with mine, but I can dream. I'm wondering if my hair will grow enough to do something like this. 

And who doesn't love Rashida? I didn't like her character on the office (well, duh) but I LOVE her on parks and recreation. I just love that show, period. I think it's my very favorite. (or tied with the office--but I think lately we like parks and rec a teeny bit more)

Ok, end commercial. But if you want to watch the best episode, you want to watch "the fight". 


Kara Lyn said...

I hear ya about hair. A bad haircut has lasting consequences. I call dibs on seeing you when you come to visit.

Jody Lynn said...

shoulder length hair works on few people in this world. i'd be rocking it right now if it worked on me. sigh...still in the process of growing out this hair of mine. it's a long, painful process. i hear ya.

Emily said...

I'm loving my shoulder-length hair right now. This does make me think about getting bangs this winter

Also, we LOVE parks and rec. Although we watched some office season two good. I think we'd tie office, parks and rec, and 30 rock. In case you wanted to know. :)