yarn and other things.

As you could probably predict, a lot of my postings in the next few months will be limited to the exciting life on the bed/couch. In the two weeks I've been on bed rest, though, I have to say that I haven't yet been super bored. I've resigned myself to my fate (for lack of a more positive phrase) and I think that motivates me to continually be finding things to do. 

Indeed, a few days ago I lamented at the end of the day that I hadn't gotten to do everything I had wanted. Then I realized that four months is a long time and I'm sure there will plenty of time for everything. Ha! 

The other day Dave and I spent a combined 6-7 hours trying to untangle the middle section (the guts, if you will) of a skein of yarn. Uh, yeah. RIDICULOUS. I am pretty sure it came that way, but I'm sure I also had something to do with it (or so Dave asserts). Dave has much more patience for that than I do, and he kindly worked on it when he got home and we watched a movie. We still ended up cutting a small chunk off, but seriously. I would have been really annoyed that I spend an entire afternoon on it, but hey, I'm not going anywhere. I untangled while listening to John Lithgow's book, Drama, which I am really, really enjoying. He does the reading, which add so much to it. It's interesting and subtly hilarious. 

I completed a few little projects with a list of plenty more. I'm trying to use up all the yarn I have (though I still had Dave get me three new skeins) before doing some bigger things (not that I will be doing anything super big). I finished the embroidery for my constellation project, and I'm now waiting for Dave to stain the embroidery hoops. (The picture above isn't a finished project). 

I also made a few hats. I made the monster one for Calvin, finishing just in time to send it along with my in-laws when they went to visit. I found some patterns and stitches that I've never used and tried this lacy one and puffy one (using chunky yarn/bigger hook to make it bigger than preemie size). I really like them. I also learned the star stitch and then made up a little headband from it because I love the stitch. 

Dave's sister and three of my really good friends are all expecting a baby in the month after our baby is due. (yay!) So basically, I'm planning on making a bunch of baby things and then dividing them up? Whether they want it or not, haha. And I will probably be a bit sad to part with the girl things, but I can always make more in the future :) 

Unrelated, but still awesome: we bought a new couch! Not because of the bed rest thing, but great timing, yes?  We've been saving for months and dreaming for years of this. We won't get it for a few weeks, but it gives us something to look forward to, at least. 

Other things I'm looking forward to include getting all the things I've ordered online, like this box of gorgeous thread. Not sure when I'll be using it, but...something to look forward to. 


Katya said...

HOW ARE YOU SO CRAFTY? I love the constellation cross stitch! Looks so great! (and everything else does too!)

Shanna Selin said...

Adorable hats! And I want to see what your new couch looks like. Where did you get it? Did you end up getting the chaise? And I'm impressed you guys spent that long untangling yarn. I would have thrown it away.

kylie said...

amanda -
i haven't been reading blogs as i usually do and so i've been going back and reading through and i just want to say CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with the resting thing. your craftiness will conquer.
love kylie