one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet.

for our trunk-or-treat party this year, we went as juno and the adorable paulie bleeker. I was relieved that four people got it with out us saying anything (dave's iconic-yet-disappointingly-long shorts? my orange-striped belly?). So, it was a success. I now want to watch the movie again since it's been a few years. And all the pictures we took were at night with terrible lighting so forgive the obvious filter edit. 

happy halloween!

by the way...

These (in post below) were absolutely delicious--a perfect pairing of flavors. I would highly recommend you make them ASAP. They didn't make it a full 24 hours.

latest adventures in cooking

The last two weeks I think I've done the best at using all our produce from our CSA. I liked doing the CSA, but I can't decide if I want to do it again. We tried our almost hardest to make sure we used everything, but every week there were some carrots or lettuce that went to waste. I was able to freeze most of what we didn't use and I felt bad when I forgot to freeze it in time. But, oh well. We used almost all of it every week and the past two week or so have been especially yummy. I loved when we started getting more wintery/late fall produce like onions and potatoes (not only because they last longer, ha). But here are some things we've made with our farm produce that has been especially good.

roasted potatoes with brussel sprouts & bacon: turns out, we don't really like brussel sprouts that much. but the potatoes with bacon were yummy

pizza with kale, butternut squash, bacon and smoked mozzarella: this was high on my list after having a  similar (and life-changing) pizza at pizzeria 712 earlier this year. It was delicious.

artichoke, kale and ricotta pie: I realized as we were eating this it was just a fancy baked omelette but it was great! I even (after the same trepidation as Katie) made my own ricotta which was easy and actually worked.

roasted sweet corn and tomato soup: so delicious and easy.

I also made pear fruit leather which was a great way to use up all our pears.

I also wanted to make something seasonal and found a pumpkin banana bread that looked delicious. Ignoring EVERYTHING IN MY BRAIN I went ahead and made it. 40 minutes after it was supposed to be done, it was still almost completely gooey in the center. So I just gave up and dumped it out. ugh! Seriously, seriously, seriously, I can't make banana bread for the life of me (if you're new, a quick search through the archives will confirm this).  And WHY didn't I turn the bread into muffins? I don't know, since that is the only thing that works for me. I'm sure the recipe is fine. Since this happens in every oven I bake in, I'm starting to suspect my pan? So for the 5th time, seriously, I'm swearing off produce bread. MUFFINS ONLY.

And the last thing I tried that was quite new was these homemade larabars. Now, I have never actually had a larabar before. I'm not into protein/energy bars (or whatever they are) but I am into healthy snacking (since I'm hungry all the time). And I don't know, these intrigued me because of how few ingredients there were. So I tried it. And I like them! I've never even had a date before but I think they turned out great.

I should tell you that Dave refuses to even try a bite because he thinks they smell terrible. haha. I don't think they smell bad but they do taste/smell like something I can't describe. Well, they probably just taste like dates, nuts and cocoa powder, because that is what is in them. And with the dates I bought at trader joe's and bulk nuts from fred meyers, they are pretty cheap! I want to try some mint chocolate ones next.

Last but certainly not least, these cupcakes just came out of the oven and smell so wonderful. Going to add this frosting and we will have ourselves a little fall party tonight as we put together the rest of our costume.

Any new recipes you've tried or one of these you'd want to try?

if at first you don't succeed...

Not much is going on these days. Same old same old (but with an increasing amount of baby karate/dance parties, which is really fun!). I did make something for our halloween costumes (what? we're dressing up? and it's NOT from the office?) the other day. 

I was going to buy the item needed (shorts) but I couldn't find the color and in a price I wanted to pay for a halloween costume so Dave suggested making them. Oh, right. So I found some fabric that would work and it was only $4! I used this tutorial and felt totally awesome. I was making shorts! What! I used a pair of Dave's as a pattern and while I did a normal job, I didn't care too much if they weren't perfect because they would only be worn once. But I proudly finished the hem and waited for Dave to come home. I knew they would be perfect. 

He tried them on and they were a bit too tight. They fit, but you would never actually wear them during an athletic activity. I was so disappointed! I mean, I didn't expect him to actually wear them, but I wanted them to fit! I used a pair of his shorts, shouldn't they fit? I think anyone would notice from the picture above I should have added a few more inches to the waist, since it was to be cinched in. And turns out, Dave was thinking of a different length/style (though he was the one who said he didn't want to wear shorty shorts, so I obliged, psh). Ah well. The length is easily fixed (though I wish I would have just waited for him to come home to finish them). And they will totally work for our costume (which will be awesome, just you wait). 

But that is the problem I have with sewing. I am so impatient and hate practicing. So it shouldn't be a surprise when I try something new and it doesn't work out as well as I hoped. I'm terrible at cutting out patterns, so pieces always end up being too short or the seams don't line up, etc. It's frustrating (and ridiculous), but I think easily fixable if I just tried a little harder. Ha! Even when I'm not using a pattern and just have to measure a square, I can't do it right. 

A week or two ago I used a dress at goodwill to make a skirt and when that didn't quite work out, I tried making a shirt. I was proud of the pin tucks (I'd never done those before) but the finished product was a shirt that was really blah. I wouldn't have bought it (unless, of course, it had turned out the way it had supposed to, maybe), so I was annoyed I'd spent time making it and now I guess I'll have to find something smaller to make out of it (a baby skirt or two?). Kind of a waste, but I guess it's all practice?

There are a few more projects I have in mind for the future and while I believe I have the sewing skills needed, I just need to have the patience to do it right the first time. onward!

And, on that note, thanks to everyone who has been a guinea pig recipient of something I have made since I started sewing a few years ago and I hope that if I did give you something, it hasn't fallen apart by now. (seriously) Or if you never use it, that's was still practice!

go bold or go home.

This past weekend Dave and I made a headboard. I've been thinking about it since the summer but we never got around to it. We moved our bed to maximize bedroom space and now it's against the window. It's a little weird but since the window spans the whole wall, it's almost like it's just against another wall. With a window ledge to lean against. So I pushed this project to the front of the line.  

We mostly followed this tutorial. I'm definitely a fan of just following someone else's instructions. Dave did the measurements and building. I picked the fabric, made a billion buttons and helped with the tufting. I didn't do much, really. There were a few headboard tutorials I've seen but I liked this one because it had the side wings. Not as fancy as carved wings, but I still think it looks classy. 

And yes, it's mustard yellow! I was telling Dave that our room has too many blues/greens. I love the colors, but it's very blah because it's all so similar. I was thinking we should get some new sheets or something to liven it up. At the fabric store, I, as a joke, asked Dave if we should do a mustard headboard, while looking through the linen fabric. Then I found a gray that I thought would be good. 

To my surprise, Dave said "sure". He said, "you want color, so do it!" So, I did. I love the color (though it is still taking some getting used to. It's a big piece of furniture we just added!). I think that yellow goes with most colors and if we totally hate it in a few years, it wasn't too expensive to make. 

However, I can't emphasize enough how little Dave cares about things like this. Colors, matching, design/fashion "rules"...he just absolutely could not care less. And I'm lucky to sometimes get an opinion from him about anything. He always looks sharp for work though. He has pretty good taste for not caring that much. 

So hate it, love it, whatever. We got some new color in our room. What do you think? 

salt & straw

Tonight we went to Salt & Straw for some ice cream. We wanted to go Friday, but we realized as we drove down 23rd on a Friday night at 8:00 that it wasn't our best idea. It's still new (I think) and the line was out the door. We live super close so we decided to come back on a weekday. 

It was a much better plan. No line! They have some really interesting flavor combinations and Dave won in the fancy department. He tried honey balsamic strawberry with black pepper and I tried the portland harvested caramel apple. WHICH WAS THE BEST CARAMEL. all yummy and homemadey. And a delicious, subtle apple taste. Dave's was pretty good too. You could totally taste the balsamic vinegar, which made for a surprising taste. I was happy with a few bites but Dave ate it all! They have a few other flavors I'm really wanting to try. (like the apple cider and double vanilla). So come to Portland for some ice cream! 


Ever since we moved in, I knew that we would, and hopefully in the near future, need to rearrange a bit to fit a crib and other baby stuff. That mindset made me always feel like things were incomplete, but there was nothing I could do until things were pretty sure/known. And even when we did have a timeline of sorts, we didn't immediately start moving everything around. But starting last week or so, we have started moving things around to their permanent (unless we think of something else) place. 

I've been thinking (or obsessing?) a little bit the past few weeks about how we can fit everything without making it seem ridiculously crowded or going overboard with organizational products, which can be needlessly expensive/clutter-y in their own way. We have a pretty roomy closet that will double as a baby room (remember that nursery = a wall) and while I'm not worried so much about things fitting, I'm just worried how we get to things fitting, looking good, and being efficient. 

Yes, I'm weird and have way too much time on my hands, but we already knew that. My favorite solution is to utilize vertical space as we try to find a good arrangement. It's included some purging (always good) which has also given us a bit more space. Dave's (and mostly mine) usual answer to a lack of space is that you have too many things. My solutions this time include shelves, lots of shelves. SHELVE ALL THE THINGS! 

On Saturday we did some rearranging in our living area (kitchen/living room combined, if you remember from our little tour. though basically nothing looks like that anymore) because we got a new couch!! It finally came and we love it. It is perhaps a bit too big for this apartment, but we don't care that much because almost no one sees it and we won't be here forever. Plus, we love it. The ottoman also has plenty of storage, which is great. Anyway, things are flipped all around and totally different than they were before and it's growing on us. Someday it will be awesome to have a bigger place, but I like our little space for now. And as long as we have this couch, I'm in no hurry. Ha! 

So it's a process. The other night I was annoyed that houses are just made up of rooms full of furniture. It was probably more that I was sick of our furniture/ that we were trying to fit so many pieces into one room. 

and here is our new couch, in all it's new glory. and weird spots because that is how the fabric was rubbed (you know how that goes)

the latest. spoiler: it's good.

the good news: I'm free, sort of.

This week I had an appointment with a perinatologist (specialist in high-risk pregnancies) and my doctor. Based on the last month of data, we've determined that I don't need to be on bed rest anymore. Sweet! Of course, things can always change, but that is where we are today. It's almost funny how not concerned (I shouldn't say that, of course the perinatologist took everything seriously) the high-risk doctor was, but, I'm a low-risk high-risk, if you will. Though, Dave and I would rather err on the side of extra cautious, no doubt, so I'll still have plenty of resting in my future. (still waiting for the new couch. fingers crossed we get it this weekend)

My doctor still advised me not to work and since I missed all the deadlines for school, that isn't really an option now (lame timing, but...what can I do?). life will be almost as boring, but I don't have to worry as much as the angle at which I am sitting, how long I've been up, etc. And life can get a little more exciting with trips to the store, leisurely walks and other normal activities. And the same projects, books and tv shows to pass the days. so, wait, what's changed?

But really, we are so glad that things continue to look good! We'll be breathing easier in October, hopefully.

A huge thanks to all who made September so great! Phone calls, texts, book recommendations, exciting mail and project feedback all made the difference. I find it a small victory that there wasn't a day I was bored to tears. I can't say what will happen in the next four months (mmm, I swear it was four months a month ago, but nope, it's still four months) but at least my projects can expand back into sewing and other things.

So still call or text me anytime because I'll probably still be sitting on the couch.

go t-wolves!

I found this project that I started a year and half ago, probably, and finally finished it! All I needed to do was sew the sides and the casing/hem at the bottom. But I guess that takes awhile? And I can tell this was probably my first time ever sewing with knits, but oh well. I think it will still look cute on a little baby, who will be representing the time a moose wandered onto my high school campus.