if at first you don't succeed...

Not much is going on these days. Same old same old (but with an increasing amount of baby karate/dance parties, which is really fun!). I did make something for our halloween costumes (what? we're dressing up? and it's NOT from the office?) the other day. 

I was going to buy the item needed (shorts) but I couldn't find the color and in a price I wanted to pay for a halloween costume so Dave suggested making them. Oh, right. So I found some fabric that would work and it was only $4! I used this tutorial and felt totally awesome. I was making shorts! What! I used a pair of Dave's as a pattern and while I did a normal job, I didn't care too much if they weren't perfect because they would only be worn once. But I proudly finished the hem and waited for Dave to come home. I knew they would be perfect. 

He tried them on and they were a bit too tight. They fit, but you would never actually wear them during an athletic activity. I was so disappointed! I mean, I didn't expect him to actually wear them, but I wanted them to fit! I used a pair of his shorts, shouldn't they fit? I think anyone would notice from the picture above I should have added a few more inches to the waist, since it was to be cinched in. And turns out, Dave was thinking of a different length/style (though he was the one who said he didn't want to wear shorty shorts, so I obliged, psh). Ah well. The length is easily fixed (though I wish I would have just waited for him to come home to finish them). And they will totally work for our costume (which will be awesome, just you wait). 

But that is the problem I have with sewing. I am so impatient and hate practicing. So it shouldn't be a surprise when I try something new and it doesn't work out as well as I hoped. I'm terrible at cutting out patterns, so pieces always end up being too short or the seams don't line up, etc. It's frustrating (and ridiculous), but I think easily fixable if I just tried a little harder. Ha! Even when I'm not using a pattern and just have to measure a square, I can't do it right. 

A week or two ago I used a dress at goodwill to make a skirt and when that didn't quite work out, I tried making a shirt. I was proud of the pin tucks (I'd never done those before) but the finished product was a shirt that was really blah. I wouldn't have bought it (unless, of course, it had turned out the way it had supposed to, maybe), so I was annoyed I'd spent time making it and now I guess I'll have to find something smaller to make out of it (a baby skirt or two?). Kind of a waste, but I guess it's all practice?

There are a few more projects I have in mind for the future and while I believe I have the sewing skills needed, I just need to have the patience to do it right the first time. onward!

And, on that note, thanks to everyone who has been a guinea pig recipient of something I have made since I started sewing a few years ago and I hope that if I did give you something, it hasn't fallen apart by now. (seriously) Or if you never use it, that's okay...it was still practice!


Christensens said...

I hear you. It is so disappointing when your hopes are high and you spend time on making something you think will be great. Then it doesn't turn out like you had hoped. But, when it does turn out great, that is what keeps me trying again. One success is worth several failures.

Shanna Selin said...

My baby has dance parties all the time too. And gymnastics too I think. Lots of flips.

And I get you with the sewing thing. I usually end up thinking halfway through the project "why didn't I just buy this instead?" But for some reason I keep doing it.

Jenna & Joey said...

Gah! I love sewing. and you're doing what you need to in order to get better, just practice :) even when things don't turn out exactly how i want them, it's still pretty cool that you MADE it right? i think so at least!

Jenna & Joey said...

p.s. i have a pretty good idea of what your costume is, but i'll keep my lips sealed ha.

Katya said...

I've loved everything you've ever made and given to me! I still have that little clutch purse from years ago with the really cute light blue pattern on it and the button closure. Also, I want to see your costume!