latest adventures in cooking

The last two weeks I think I've done the best at using all our produce from our CSA. I liked doing the CSA, but I can't decide if I want to do it again. We tried our almost hardest to make sure we used everything, but every week there were some carrots or lettuce that went to waste. I was able to freeze most of what we didn't use and I felt bad when I forgot to freeze it in time. But, oh well. We used almost all of it every week and the past two week or so have been especially yummy. I loved when we started getting more wintery/late fall produce like onions and potatoes (not only because they last longer, ha). But here are some things we've made with our farm produce that has been especially good.

roasted potatoes with brussel sprouts & bacon: turns out, we don't really like brussel sprouts that much. but the potatoes with bacon were yummy

pizza with kale, butternut squash, bacon and smoked mozzarella: this was high on my list after having a  similar (and life-changing) pizza at pizzeria 712 earlier this year. It was delicious.

artichoke, kale and ricotta pie: I realized as we were eating this it was just a fancy baked omelette but it was great! I even (after the same trepidation as Katie) made my own ricotta which was easy and actually worked.

roasted sweet corn and tomato soup: so delicious and easy.

I also made pear fruit leather which was a great way to use up all our pears.

I also wanted to make something seasonal and found a pumpkin banana bread that looked delicious. Ignoring EVERYTHING IN MY BRAIN I went ahead and made it. 40 minutes after it was supposed to be done, it was still almost completely gooey in the center. So I just gave up and dumped it out. ugh! Seriously, seriously, seriously, I can't make banana bread for the life of me (if you're new, a quick search through the archives will confirm this).  And WHY didn't I turn the bread into muffins? I don't know, since that is the only thing that works for me. I'm sure the recipe is fine. Since this happens in every oven I bake in, I'm starting to suspect my pan? So for the 5th time, seriously, I'm swearing off produce bread. MUFFINS ONLY.

And the last thing I tried that was quite new was these homemade larabars. Now, I have never actually had a larabar before. I'm not into protein/energy bars (or whatever they are) but I am into healthy snacking (since I'm hungry all the time). And I don't know, these intrigued me because of how few ingredients there were. So I tried it. And I like them! I've never even had a date before but I think they turned out great.

I should tell you that Dave refuses to even try a bite because he thinks they smell terrible. haha. I don't think they smell bad but they do taste/smell like something I can't describe. Well, they probably just taste like dates, nuts and cocoa powder, because that is what is in them. And with the dates I bought at trader joe's and bulk nuts from fred meyers, they are pretty cheap! I want to try some mint chocolate ones next.

Last but certainly not least, these cupcakes just came out of the oven and smell so wonderful. Going to add this frosting and we will have ourselves a little fall party tonight as we put together the rest of our costume.

Any new recipes you've tried or one of these you'd want to try?


Sara said...

I'm sorry about your produce bread! It's always sad to have stuff not turn out right. I've found (at least in my oven and with my pans) that the outside of the bread will begin to burn before the inside is set, unless I cover it with aluminum foil. So to avoid simultaneously burnt and gooey bread, I usually cover it with foil for the first half to two thirds of the baking time, and then take it off for the rest. If it starts getting browner than I like and a toothpick doesn't come out clean yet, then I'll cover it with foil again until the end. Good luck if you ever decide to tackle it again! I think you can! Also, this is a good quick post on different types of pans and their uses:

Jenna & Joey said...

I will most certainly be making that pizza....i LOVE the one from pizzeria 712! Yum!

Jenna & Joey said...

I will most certainly be making that pizza....i LOVE the one from pizzeria 712! Yum!

Jody Lynn said...

you should try brussel sprouts like this:

- wash them off and stick them all on a cookie sheet.
- drizzle them with olive oil. enough to coat them well, but not drenched.
- cook them in the oven at 350 degrees until they get softish.
- when they come out of the oven, immediately sprinkle them with coarse sea salt.

they taste like heaven. i promise you will like them this way. :) mmmmm...

Emily said...

um, i'm going to make those cupcakes this sunday. wahoo! let me know how they went tonight.

Katya said...

I loved you live tweeting your banana bread experience, haha. I was going to make those pumpkin cookies + frosting for a Halloween party next weekend. Let me know how they taste! I'm glad the ricotta worked out for you!

Katya said...

And by cookies I meant cupcakes...(came back to see which recipes again you used) :)

Kristen said...

Yum! All this sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!