salt & straw

Tonight we went to Salt & Straw for some ice cream. We wanted to go Friday, but we realized as we drove down 23rd on a Friday night at 8:00 that it wasn't our best idea. It's still new (I think) and the line was out the door. We live super close so we decided to come back on a weekday. 

It was a much better plan. No line! They have some really interesting flavor combinations and Dave won in the fancy department. He tried honey balsamic strawberry with black pepper and I tried the portland harvested caramel apple. WHICH WAS THE BEST CARAMEL. all yummy and homemadey. And a delicious, subtle apple taste. Dave's was pretty good too. You could totally taste the balsamic vinegar, which made for a surprising taste. I was happy with a few bites but Dave ate it all! They have a few other flavors I'm really wanting to try. (like the apple cider and double vanilla). So come to Portland for some ice cream! 


Aimee & Colby said...

hooray! glad you got to try it! those sound delicious.

Kristy said...

I;m glad you guys live there. I think it will be even more fun coming home and visiting when we do!

Christensens said...

So we know your choice was delicious, but I am curious to know if the balsamic strawberry with pepper was an exceptionally tasty flavor.