Ever since we moved in, I knew that we would, and hopefully in the near future, need to rearrange a bit to fit a crib and other baby stuff. That mindset made me always feel like things were incomplete, but there was nothing I could do until things were pretty sure/known. And even when we did have a timeline of sorts, we didn't immediately start moving everything around. But starting last week or so, we have started moving things around to their permanent (unless we think of something else) place. 

I've been thinking (or obsessing?) a little bit the past few weeks about how we can fit everything without making it seem ridiculously crowded or going overboard with organizational products, which can be needlessly expensive/clutter-y in their own way. We have a pretty roomy closet that will double as a baby room (remember that nursery = a wall) and while I'm not worried so much about things fitting, I'm just worried how we get to things fitting, looking good, and being efficient. 

Yes, I'm weird and have way too much time on my hands, but we already knew that. My favorite solution is to utilize vertical space as we try to find a good arrangement. It's included some purging (always good) which has also given us a bit more space. Dave's (and mostly mine) usual answer to a lack of space is that you have too many things. My solutions this time include shelves, lots of shelves. SHELVE ALL THE THINGS! 

On Saturday we did some rearranging in our living area (kitchen/living room combined, if you remember from our little tour. though basically nothing looks like that anymore) because we got a new couch!! It finally came and we love it. It is perhaps a bit too big for this apartment, but we don't care that much because almost no one sees it and we won't be here forever. Plus, we love it. The ottoman also has plenty of storage, which is great. Anyway, things are flipped all around and totally different than they were before and it's growing on us. Someday it will be awesome to have a bigger place, but I like our little space for now. And as long as we have this couch, I'm in no hurry. Ha! 

So it's a process. The other night I was annoyed that houses are just made up of rooms full of furniture. It was probably more that I was sick of our furniture/ that we were trying to fit so many pieces into one room. 

and here is our new couch, in all it's new glory. and weird spots because that is how the fabric was rubbed (you know how that goes)


Kristen said...

Love your new couch and ottoman! Happy rearranging!

Katya said...

Love the couch! It looks so great with your wall hanging!

Emily said...

Love the couch. And I'm with you on the whole filling the apartment but trying to make it look organized but frustrated that it's a little small and I know we'll live somewhere bigger one day and... thing. :)