a classy knock off?

On Monday we went to a little burger place on 23rd (the cool street in Portland, if you remember) called Little Big Burger. Basically, it's Portland's somewhat classier (but less classic?) version of In-n-Out, complete with red/white decor. 

We liked that we got to choose from a cheese list (goat cheese on a hamburger = yum) but missed in-n-outs better burger toppings. lbb truffle fries though, they beat the pants off in-n-out's (dave loved the chili powder ketchup and I loved the pre-made fry sauce!). Overall though, they are about equal as far as price, quality and taste. We'd eat at either place in a heartbeat. 

Then we walked a half a block down to salt & straw and split some salted caramel ice cream. I really wanted to try the apple cider ice cream, but we missed it by...3 days. sad. Then I remembered that I have an ice cream maker and so I will be attempting that soon. 

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Emily said...

then you remembered you have an ice cream maker--love it. i've bookmarked a bajillion recipes to use my parents ice cream maker over the holidays and you just got me all excited all over again. and hurray for good burger places!