dave kind of rocked it on saturday.

saturday afternoon looked like this: 
yes, that is cereal on the window sill. 

We recently rearranged our room only to find that as the weather grew colder, water would form on our windows while we showered. One of our windows was blocked and we thought that we could get by with just the one window cracked to dry it out but...no. So we (and when I say we, I mean Dave), once again, moved everything around for our final arrangement. And it's our favorite out of all of our arrangements, so that is good because we have no other options! It makes our room more roomy (ha) and anyway, now we can not have moldy windows. 

So you know how there are all those "baking rules"? I've seen some blog posts on all the correct techniques and I do try to remember them. Dave wanted some plain old chocolate cookies on Saturday and so he whipped some up. The funny part was he didn't follow a single baking rule. cold butter and eggs. whipped the batter within an inch of its life. didn't add any other type of chips than milk chocolate (I requested some white chocolate and got completely shot down). scooped the flour. and they were delicious, fluffy and tasted perfect. so, go figure. and maybe go easy on all the rules sometimes? 

I shouldn't be surprised though as Dave has always impressed me with his baking

Oh, and remember how I tried those crazy date/nut bars? I tried a few more recipes over the last two weeks and they were even better than the first. thin mint, chocolate cookie dough and peanut butter dough. And I kid you not, the thin mint ones tasted completely like minty fudge (I added, without thinking about 1/2 tsp mint!). And the dough ones really seem like you're eating cookie dough. Weird but awesome. Dave even took a bite of the thin mint ones and didn't hate them. ha! 

and last but not least, thanks for all your comments on my dressing kids post! It was fun to read them and I just have to clear up that I do the cute carter jammies with animals on the bum/feet. I mean, who doesn't like those??

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Emily said...

go dave! and hurray for re-arranging rooms. We recently re-did our living room to help with Henry's roaming. And sorry about the essay last time. I have a lot of opinions on things that don't really matter :)