dye all the things!

The other day I mentioned attempting a project with no previous experience. We needed a new shower curtain and I wanted to get a nice striped one (of course). I love this one, but I didn't want to pay $40. So, enter the possibility of making my own striped one and meh, seemed too much trouble. Then I thought about an ombre one. And hey, I could just dye a white fabric shower curtain. I planned out how I would tape off our tub, use our big trash can, and somehow dye like four yards of fabric with no problem, blah blah. Then I got to Target and this one (can't find online) was just $5 more than the white one and when I factored in the dye and time and almost guaranteed disaster, I just bought it (after of course, spending 20 minutes wishing I had 16 showers for all their pretty curtains. oh boy). It's striped, ombre-ish, and gray. win. 

But I still wanted to try some fabric dyeing. I bought some cream gauze/musliny fabric (for a swaddle blanket) a few months ago and haven't gotten around to dyeing it. So I bought some teal dye and spent a few hours dying things. 

I think the dye made this gorgeous blue and I love how most of the things turned out (at the end, I didn't want to "waste" the bucket of dye so I tried to two-tone dye a white hanes tshirt and a white apron. They both turned out one shade of blah blue (not pictured)). BUT, here is what did turn out: 

ombre gauze blanket (top)
ombre flour sack towel (bottom left)
ombre onesie (obviously)
an attempt at a two-toned towel, but just is one color (right)

so that is a lot of ombre no? I love the trend (what can I say? I don't like all trends but I do enjoy following a few of them, ha). Also, it's like a bonus. You get to see a few different shades on just one thing. It just seems more fun.

I'm not sure why the two-toned didn't work out. For the ombre, I would dunk the whole thing in the dye for a little bit (a minute or two), and then pull out a bit, leave the rest in for longer (15-20 minutes, maybe?) swishing it around, and then continue until it was all dyed. I used these tips and they worked great. And I believe nothing ended up unintentionally blue. 

Dave thinks that the onsie is too girly, mostly, I think, because of the gradient (but not the blanket, interestingly). I'm not totally sure I agree, but I just love the onesie. For the record though, I don't believe (and I don't think Dave does either) that boys wearing more girly colors, you know, makes a boy any less a boy or something*. However, neither of us would necessarily choose to dress a boy in girly colors (but if our four-year-old kid like loves pink or something...who cares?). It's an interesting culture thing and I'm not trying to say any one thing about it...just that it's interesting to think about cultural labels and whether or not they make sense, but then observing that you/others follow them because, well, that is culture.

Ok, random tangent aside, fabric dyeing is fun and you should try it. 

*in a women's health class, my teacher used an example of a dad who wouldn't dress his boy in a pink onesie because it would (I can't remember the exact phrasing) like decrease his masculinity/power/something and she was like...so you would dress your daughter in something that can decrease power/something? I am not saying you need to dress boys in pink, but I think you shouldn't not do it because it's inferior or something. And ok, I don't really know what I'm trying to say. I have no extreme views on this. it is just interesting. 


Jody Lynn said...

I love the onsie! Don't think it looks girly at all.

Bruce said...

What is ombre?