i regret nothing

A tradition my family has is a new year's eve fondue. I've rarely heard about the same kind of fondue, because it's not your typical chocolate or cheese fondue. My parents were nice enough to have a version of the festivities while we were there.

The fondue is basically a bunch of meat fondued in oil! I realize that may sound kind of gross/weird? But we've done it forever and you know what? Meat fried in oil is delicious. Especially dipped in butter/other sauces after.

So you know, it's a once-a-year thing (maybe twice) and it's a fun tradition. We have a great spread, including little smokies (and Katie, what kind of party is it without little smokies?), homemade fries, spinach/artichoke dip and plenty of other deliciousness.

And then we all eat! This year my stomach is much smaller/more squished than usual. I knew this going in and tried to adjust my intake accordingly. It did not work. My brother-in-law, Colby, didn't try to adjust at all and then we both ended up curled up on the couch, groaning.

However, I still managed to eat some cherry pie for dessert a while later.

What do you think? How does that sound?


Shanna Selin said...

Are you guys still going to do it on New Years Eve in Portland? I'm so excited to do it here... even though the small stomach problem is going to be bad and the heartburn is going to be terrible. Haha. Plus the company (if we have any) won't be the same. But oh well.

Katya said...

Sounds so so good. Probably much better than our freshman year little smokies...hahahaha

Lacey Parr said...

For the longest time I only knew fondue as dipping meat in hot oil! So good! We also do broccoli. Yum!