little hoodie

We don't have any of the big baby stuff yet (crib, stroller, car seat) but we (ok, I) do love our growing pile of baby clothes. so cute. Anyway, we decided we can wait to see what black friday/cyber monday has to offer us and then the weekend after thanksgiving is d-day. And by d-day I mean the day that we get everything we have left on our list. 

I have a few projects that I want to do and realized that hey, I'd better get a move on. Two and a half months is a longish time, but at the rate I finish things/do them correctly...better safe than sorry. And by sorry I mean it's not done before baby arrives and you know, oh well. 

But yesterday I made this little sweatshirt and I can't believe it actually turned out. I am still figuring out my serger but I used it to finish most of the seams. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed making it. it seemed daunting (most complex thing I've made) but it was so small that it seemed more manageable.

One of my favorite sewing blogs is MADE. I love her attitude for sewing and try to remember that, as she says, "What’s the worse than can happen?  Your machine munches it up into a bazillion ruffles and you have to toss it in the can?  Yea, that kind of sucks.  But really it’s just fabric." (source--and great post on sewing with knits) I do hate when things don't work, but hey, it's all worth something even it ends up being practice.

I definitely need to remember this more since my attitude with projects is to pick something I want to do and do it, regardless of previous experience/practice. Most things I attempt without any foundation of skills. Headboard, wall canvas, embroidery...I figure why waste my time practicing when I just want to end up with one specific results?

Which explains what I'll be doing this afternoon, as I attempt another one of those "maybe I just should start smaller" projects. stay tuned.


Shanna Selin said...

That looks great! I'm impressed.

Christensens said...

Cute little sweatshirt.

Jenna & Joey said...

i LOVE MADE too! and this hoodie is DARLING!! way to go!

Katya said...

So, so cute! I continue to be impressed with your crafty skills!

Kristen said...

I'm so impressed! It's way cute and I love that it has no buttons/snaps/zippers. Your little guy will be so cozy this winter!