a portland baby

When we got back from Utah, we started doing more official prep for baby: ordering a crib, car seat, stroller and other things. The two weeks following Thanksgiving were exciting as far as mail goes. We are trying to keep our baby gear on the minimal side, but you know, there are some little essentials. (my new bff is my target debit card.)

I also am working on my list of things to finish making before the end of December. This included crib sheets, since not only are mini crib sheets expensive, why not make your own? Besides the math involved (ugh), it wasn't hard at all. Except, of course, picking out fabric. There are a ton of cute fabrics out there, but I opted to go with JoAnn's flannel for 60% off...so my selection was more limited (but the sheets were less than $5 each!). I did find three fabrics that I liked best (not girly/super baby-y is really hard to find there) and totally not on purpose they are super portland/urban-y. BUT no birds. (but I will admit, my fourth choice did have birds on it. oh boy.)

But we are almost done with all this prep and hopefully we'll head into January with nothing to worry about except, you know, having a baby to care for. Five weeks, people.

p.s. thank you for all your sweet comments on the previous post. you guys are the best.


Katya said...

Love the fabrics! Ahaha birds. Put a bird on it.

Also, your facebook profile pic = so cute!

Emily said...

you should tell me the dimentions. we've got a mini crib and i just went with whatever was online for cheap so yeah...i'll hit you up just for that :)

Kristen said...

Such cute sheets! I intended to make sheets for our mini-crib too, but got lazy and bought cheapo jersey sheets online in the end. Hurray for 5 weeks left! Baby C will be here in no time!

Jo said...

When I one day have a child..will you do all these crafty things for said child? You're so good at it all. The end.