I really enjoy the few weeks before Christmas. I love picking out presents for people (though sometimes I want to buy ALL THE THINGS and have a hard time narrowing down my choices), wrapping them and, this year, getting them shipped off. I, at least, am having fun scheming (in a good way), crafting, crocheting, sewing, online shopping and packaging for the holiday.

We're trying to add in some Christmas-y activities to our weeks and though we'll have to wait until next year to wander around downtown and see the lights/city Christmas trees, we've found a few things to do. Next on my list is to try the salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. yes, so classy.

On Sunday we dug out the Christmas cookie cutters and made some sugar cookies for the families Dave visits in our church. He slopped some frosting on and I practiced my glace icing skillz. (not quite glace sugar cookies from four years ago here, where I also really weirdly talk about imaginary children?)

A few of them looked pretty good! But Dave took them before I could get a picture (tragic) but just know they looked NOTHING like those I linked to above.  

Any Christmas baking in your near-immediate future? there are so many great holiday recipes I want to try...but I'm thinking of picking one a week to try.


Jody Lynn said...

i NEED to make some sugar cookies. yes, it is a need. :)

Emily said...

i have a hard time not snacking on peppermint joe joes and pb m&ms at my we haven't really gotten around to baking yet, but those cookies from 4 years ago are super cute. that's on my list for this week for sure.