because patience and practice are a few of my strengths, this totally makes sense.

One of my goals for this year is to learn how to do modern calligraphy. Because, I mean, swoon:

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I've seen some beautiful calligraphy on the internets over the past while and something about calligraphed Christmas tags made me think ok, that's it, I'm learning to do this.  

Does anyone know how to do modern (or not) calligraphy? Any suggestions for the best way to learn? From a book? A class? Youtube? 


Katya said...

Pretty! Your handwriting is practically calligraphy already. I have no idea how to learn, but I've found [almost] everything I ever wanted to know about anything via google and youtube...?

Ryan said...

i know there are some kits you can get at art stores and such...i would go to a cutesy artist store and ask around there. because that would be rad. although i bet after getting a few things at said art store you could just youtube like crazy (and in your own time) and learn that way too. and now you've got me thinking how to be more creative (and specific) with my resolutions... (again..this is emily...i really should sign out of his account before commenting on your blog...)

Kristen said...

Love this style of modern calligraphy. I've tried to do it but it's not as easy at it looks, for sure. Let me know if you find any good tutorials!