My mom is in town (my dad and 2 sisters will join us tomorrow) and it's been great! I know Dave especially enjoys his uninterrupted (mostly) sleep and will be sad to see her go. It is nice to feed Sam and then pass him off for a diaper change/soothing (though Dave usually handles that, but I feel less of a need to support my mom in doing this :) ). She has also been nice and helpful and while I didn't feel I was lacking in company, it's nice to have an adult to hang out with during the day. We're excited to party this weekend!

sam showing off some gang signs


Kristen said...

I cannot get enough of baby Sam! Moms are the best. I loved having my mom here to help with William and also was so nice to have someone to hang out with. Enjoy the visitors!

Morgan and Holly said...

Hahaha...I didn't notice the gang signs until I saw your caption. Those made me laugh out loud! He is SOOO cute!!!