month of crazy.

Based on a doctor's appointment I had on Christmas Eve, we thought we may end up with a Christmas baby. It really threw us for a loop. It had Dave worried he was going to have to deliver a baby in the car! Christmas was so great but also a little stressful. We made it home and started finishing up preparations, thinking we'd only have time for a few of them. But we didn't have a Christmas baby, nor a day after Christmas baby, not even a New Year's Eve baby (that would have been kind of cool). We installed the car seat, packed our bags, cleaned the apartment a bit more thoroughly, stocked up on groceries....and we made it to the next week where we got the tree taken care of, etc. and did some other organization. We kept joking that Sam was just waiting until we had finished our list of things before making his debut. What a considerate baby?

Unfortunately, Dave got super sick right after New Year's, so we were really hoping that wasn't going to be when our baby came. We joked in the elevator how his office was going to be like "remember that Dave guy? He went on Christmas holiday, got sick, broke his arm and then had a baby. Does he still work here?) I think he had like four full days at the office after New Years!

I was very proud of our newly formed habit of having our apartment always clean and ready to leave. Uh, yeah, no, we don't normally keep our house that clean. Just in time to have a baby, right?

Those two weeks following Christmas were quite mentally exhausting. It was a little crazy to always think that we were hours away from something happening...and then it never did. So the week before Sam did arrive, we kind of tried to not feel so worried/preoccupied. It helped that I reached 37 weeks and we felt that things would be fine and then the only thing Dave was worried about was having to deliver a baby himself. Ha! My doctor said if I reached 37 weeks, I could do whatever I wanted. (you know, within reason. :)). He also kept saying he would be surprised if he saw me the next week but I came back twice! Lame, but who can actually predict these things, right? What can I say? I'm a pro rester.

And I realize that it was crazy to be almost frustrated that our baby hadn't come yet (we just prepared ourselves so well for an early baby that it was almost frustrating he wasn't, which is so dumb! He wasn't really close to being late at all!) I think we were just ready for things to get going already, since we just didn't know what to expect. But I suppose that is what most people feel before having a baby.

Also, if you noticed in the previous post that Dave had a sling on and was wondering if we were back in 2008 when Dave broke his wrist, the answer is no, but kind of. Two Fridays Dave rode his bike to work (he'd been driving all week (to be prepared) and then on Friday we were going to meet for lunch, so I kept the car. hindsight. ugh) and it slipped on some ice. It was only a block away from our apartment so he came back a little banged up and said that he would need a ride to work after all... we ended up going to an instacare and it turned out Dave fractured his elbow. What timing! But we made some doctor appointments and tried not to worry about it too much.

This past Friday Dave went and had new x-rays and it turns out that while it is fractured, the kind he has doesn't need surgery or even a cast! He just needs to wear a sling most of the time (so he looks like a faker, haha) and take it easy for a few weeks and they will check it again. Such a blessing to have the best case scenario for a broken arm!

And while it kind of stinks he had a splint while we were in the hospital and the last few days, Dave was amazing just using one and 1/4 arm (his hand was still pretty useful). We're excited that he has more use of it and that in a few weeks he'll be back to normal.

So anyway, things were a little crazy the past month or so! We did enjoy the last few weeks of it just being the two of us. We got take out italian for new years, played plenty of lego star wars, watched new movies and even made it to see the hobbit (which we really liked).

And it's just funny that a week ago we were hanging out after church, taking naps, chatting with siblings, making cookies and visiting with Dave's parents/brother. I went into labor about five minutes before they left, actually, and we found ourselves in the hospital an hour later.

That is the funny part. With all the preparations, we were still like "wow, could this really be it?" We were pros at packing the hospital bag (having done so a few times for when we were going to be gone for a long time, or that one time I had what I thought was a contraction...) and even left things pretty clean before we left. But you should have seen the look Dave gave me when I wanted to put the two remaining muffins in a container before we left.

Well, they were good.


Kellie Rachelle said...

Haha the muffins. That would be me too. So happy for you guys!

Jo said...

So happy for you, he's just SO SO SO SO CUTE