So every time I've gone to blog lately I get sidetracked. At first it was that my computer ran out of start up disk space and I spent a few days cleaning it off (The sad thing is that my computer is too old to support the newer OS AND too old for the updated versions of chrome and firefox. sad day. My computer is only like seven years old. I guess these days that is ancient?) first world problem, I know. It still works fine, most of the time.

And anyway, then I was off organizing things and now I'm trying to figure out what is taking up space on my phone. 

I may run out of space because I try to catch almost every yawn on camera because it's the cutest thing ever. Excuse the lovely spit up on his bib. It's just a part of life these days.

dave's birthday

Dave turned 29 yesterday and we had a fun day celebrating. Waffles and buttermilk caramel syrup for breakfast, delicious paninis for lunch, delicious homemade pizza for dinner and ice cream for birthday cake. >>

Dave doesn't like cake (I'm getting a little nervous thinking that I'LL NEVER EAT CAKE AGAIN because no one here like cake! More like I'm nervous because I'll end up eating WHOLE CAKES by myself) and so for the first time in the six birthdays we've celebrated together, I gave up on making him a cake and just bought a bunch of his favorite ice cream. 

And it turns out, that isn't a bad way to celebrate a birthday. 

first night solo

Dave went to Seattle over Friday night for his cousin's wedding on Saturday. And we survived! It wasn't too bad, Sam slept/ate about the same as usual, but it was a little more boring without Dave around. 

But he was back by Saturday night and we had a nice Sunday together. It was extra nice because Dave's brother, Bruce, and his wife, Karren, came down to visit before returning to San Francisco. It was great to see them and for Sam to meet his aunt and uncle. He liked cuddling with Bruce for sure.

On Monday we went shopping downtown and had another great evening. I realized right when they came over that Sam and I totally matched with our mustard and navy outfits. Did not even plan it, but hey.


Isn't it funny how we document and recognize (even celebrate?) every month for at least the first year with babies? It's a little ridiculous, but they do change a lot in a month, especially as they get older. So here we are, inspired by my friend Kristen and others around the web. Sometimes I want to do so many ideas (stickers! chalkboard! something else!)...and then I try to remember to simplify and not get caught up in the documenting.

I tried to get him to look at the camera but man, he just wanted to stare out the window.

one month!

We kind of can't believe Sam is one month old! He is the best baby and we love him so.

photos by my sister alisa

strolling (or strollin')

Sam and I broke out the stroller last friday and went to ikea and target and survived! Yesterday we walked downtown and survived that too. Although, honestly, pushing the stroller up the hill to our apartment was like the second hardest thing I've ever done. I need to find a less steep way to get back home or we may never go out again.

For the first two weeks, he hardly wore any clothes unless we went to an appointment. We used side snap t shirts (which we love) or just wrapped him in blankets. We had enough to deal with besides changing him, plus it seemed so rude because he wasn't used to being changed and having his arms shoved through little arm holes. He also didn't really have any clothes small enough! At first, he had one pair of leggings (though I feel weird using that term for a baby boy?), three onesies and one sleeper. And they almost all got peed on immediately after use so he went back to his t shirts. And then we bought a few more onesies and leggings and now he fits in a few more things.

I thought "man, I know people like to dress their babies up but honestly, I just don't care like I thought I would". And while I still mostly think that, I am starting to see how it can be kind of fun and as the picture above shows, babies look adorable in little outfits. 


For a few months last year/until January every sister in Dave's family was pregnant! His parents are getting four grandchildren in 6 months! (two girls and two boys). We are excited for all the cousins. Yesterday our first niece was born! Calvin, who calls Sam "my baby sam" (how cute is that?) will be such a good brother (or at least, we think so...we'll ask his parents in a few days). 
See their cute baby Daisy here

wrinkly blankets and snugly babies

recognize this onesie? excited to finally get to use it! doesn't he look good in it? 

a name

Two years ago I had just graduated from college and was working at a job that I didn't love but wasn't so bad. I worked from home and we all know that I did not like it very much. I was often lonely and felt useless and blah blah blah. We were talking, again, about our future plans for children and well, let's just say that I was like "YES let's have a baby." (but that isn't the point of the story)

We would sometimes over the course of our relationship talk about baby names (and when I say talk I mean I would say "what about _____?" and dave would say "no."). I don't even remember how baby names got brought up again that January, but I remember one evening when dave said "what about Sam?"

And wow, I loved it. It was like I'd never heard it before and it was the most perfect name. I don't know very many guys named Sam so it wasn't really associated with anyone or anything that can "ruin" a name. So it became this secret, perfect name that we were storing away.

And there were some days that winter that I would think about a future baby and I just knew that there was a baby Sam waiting for us. And I can't say if it was something real/spiritual or just plain old baby hunger. But whatever the case, I really did feel like a Sam existed for us. And to be honest, that is why, when I was pregnant the first time, i just knew it was a boy. Of course it wasn't, and I was still wondering about a Sam in our future.

We decided not to tell anyone what we were naming this baby and I feel I must apologize to those who asked what we were naming our baby and we had to give a little white lie of "oh, we don't know" or "we're waiting until we see him" (which was true, but we didn't really have any other names, so good thing we felt he looked like a Sam). I mean, by the time I was 35+ weeks and we would tell people we didn't have a name decided, people looked at us like "uh, yeah, right." ah well, it was our prerogative, right? (ok, can I just say that I always thought that word was spelled PERogative?)

And now we have our baby Sam whom we adore.

benches take portland, II

We had a fun weekend with my family. Dave and I hardly saw Sam in those few days but we're glad that everyone got to hold him. We ate some burgers, lots of ice cream, a million donuts (voodoo) and took a billion pictures. Between all of us, we captured some cute Sam faces. Thanks for a great weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend!