Isn't it funny how we document and recognize (even celebrate?) every month for at least the first year with babies? It's a little ridiculous, but they do change a lot in a month, especially as they get older. So here we are, inspired by my friend Kristen and others around the web. Sometimes I want to do so many ideas (stickers! chalkboard! something else!)...and then I try to remember to simplify and not get caught up in the documenting.

I tried to get him to look at the camera but man, he just wanted to stare out the window.


Jo said...

He's so so cute. LOVE the simplicity of the onesie.

Katya said...

I love that you're doing these photos too! Kristen's are so fun to see. Also, already a month?! Crazy.

Kristen said...

I remember William doing a lot of staring out the windows and towards light. Is he rocking a cloth diaper?