a name

Two years ago I had just graduated from college and was working at a job that I didn't love but wasn't so bad. I worked from home and we all know that I did not like it very much. I was often lonely and felt useless and blah blah blah. We were talking, again, about our future plans for children and well, let's just say that I was like "YES let's have a baby." (but that isn't the point of the story)

We would sometimes over the course of our relationship talk about baby names (and when I say talk I mean I would say "what about _____?" and dave would say "no."). I don't even remember how baby names got brought up again that January, but I remember one evening when dave said "what about Sam?"

And wow, I loved it. It was like I'd never heard it before and it was the most perfect name. I don't know very many guys named Sam so it wasn't really associated with anyone or anything that can "ruin" a name. So it became this secret, perfect name that we were storing away.

And there were some days that winter that I would think about a future baby and I just knew that there was a baby Sam waiting for us. And I can't say if it was something real/spiritual or just plain old baby hunger. But whatever the case, I really did feel like a Sam existed for us. And to be honest, that is why, when I was pregnant the first time, i just knew it was a boy. Of course it wasn't, and I was still wondering about a Sam in our future.

We decided not to tell anyone what we were naming this baby and I feel I must apologize to those who asked what we were naming our baby and we had to give a little white lie of "oh, we don't know" or "we're waiting until we see him" (which was true, but we didn't really have any other names, so good thing we felt he looked like a Sam). I mean, by the time I was 35+ weeks and we would tell people we didn't have a name decided, people looked at us like "uh, yeah, right." ah well, it was our prerogative, right? (ok, can I just say that I always thought that word was spelled PERogative?)

And now we have our baby Sam whom we adore.


Megan said...

I don't really want to tell people the name/names I'm going to give my kids. There is something exciting and special about keeping it to yourself until the baby comes. Sam is a beautiful name and baby!!

Megan said...

There is something exciting and special about not telling people what you are going to name your baby! I don't think I will tell people what name I plan on giving my kids.

Emily said...

I like how you named him just Sam, and it's not short for anything. It makes it more special! Maybe that's why it felt new to you- because it always seemed shortened. Congratulations!!!

Jo said...

He is just amazing, and the name is perfect. We too have a name associated with a future baby we just know exists!

Emily said...

Love it. I've got a few names I'm willing to give out that we love, but a few names as well that no one will ever know until we name our child one of them. Some names are just too good/special to share!

Connie said...

Coming up with a name both parents like is tough. We love the name Sam and love all the cute pics and updates. Keep em coming!!!