So every time I've gone to blog lately I get sidetracked. At first it was that my computer ran out of start up disk space and I spent a few days cleaning it off (The sad thing is that my computer is too old to support the newer OS AND too old for the updated versions of chrome and firefox. sad day. My computer is only like seven years old. I guess these days that is ancient?) first world problem, I know. It still works fine, most of the time.

And anyway, then I was off organizing things and now I'm trying to figure out what is taking up space on my phone. 

I may run out of space because I try to catch almost every yawn on camera because it's the cutest thing ever. Excuse the lovely spit up on his bib. It's just a part of life these days.


Cindy Badger said...

So cute. And it made me yawn :)

Ryan said...

so tender!! love those little moments. have you gotten an external hard drive to put everything on? juuuust in case it crashes? take it from someone who knows. and keep up those cute faces!

Kristen said...

Love the yawn pictures. You should make a flip book out of it. :-)