cake anxiety

Yesterday I went to a birthday party for the relief society. I signed up to bring a dessert and wanted to make a cake because, as I've written about before, Dave doesn't like cake and I love opportunities to make cakes.

Since I've already found a chocolate cake recipe I know and love, I wanted to move into vanilla/white, my preferred flavor. I also wanted to try a new decorating technique. And oh boy. I started searching on just a few dessert/baking blogs and are there are lot of cakes. Sweetapolita, for example, has about 8 different vanilla cake recipes alone, and they all look delicious! How do I choose? dense? light? rich? 9 egg whites or 193? whipped? folded? dry first or wet? and on and on.

I somehow landed on a white cake recipe by iambaker. Then decided I would just make a list of all the cake recipes I want to try and just go down the list and save myself from deciding each time. The same for decorating techniques. I wanted something cool, new and relatively easy since I don't have a ton of extra time. I decided to go with this pastel swirl idea. I was pretty pleased how it turned out. I liked the colors she used but thought that the yellow/orange/pink ombre was a nice spring look.

I don't put nearly as much frosting on as most cake decorators do and I also don't have as much practice. But I have seen much improvement in my cake decorating skills over the past few years. I am excited to keep practicing. I used this buttercream and I loved it. The last buttercream recipe I tried (I don't remember from where) was terrible as far as looks go (or at least it was a major user error) and I thought I failed when it came to buttercream. But this worked up really well. I still don't know how baking bloggers get their frosting to look so perfect but...I'll just keep trying.

The cake tasted really good but I think I prefer a vanilla/yellow cake over a white cake, which has almond extract in it. It was still very good. Definitely one I'd make again (a go-to white cake recipe). Of course, I'm still looking forward to the day I have a perfectly flat cake...this one turned out a little dr. seuss-y but...oh well.


Katya said...

So pretty! I love the pearls, and I love the ombre! I totally made the same white cake recipe for my birthday cupcakes, but left out the almond extract and doubled the vanilla (one of my friends is allergic to nuts). You'll have to keep me posted on which cakes/decorating techniques work out for you!

Jody Lynn said...

i like the dr. seuss look. :) i wish i was more of a baker these days. boxed cake mix seems to be my go-to lately. haha.

Sara said...

That looks so beautiful!

lindsay said...

you have serious skills!!

Jo said...

That is amazing!! You are inspiring me to try and bake something not from a box :)