japanese garden

When Sara was in town we met up at the Japanese garden. Since it's portland and they were only here for a few days, it was nice and rainy. But we braved it anyway. Sara was super nice as I am still figuring out going out with a baby. She helped me carry the stroller over places, waited as I put the wrap on once it stopped raining and even let me borrow her umbrella since I forgot ours in the car.

I also decided that yes, I do need some rainboots and a rain jacket. Not sure why it took so long for me to be sure about that. Too bad I can't get some rain-friendly hair. ugh.

The gardens were beautiful. Unfortunately, there were hardly any cherry blossoms but it was still nice and green and we had a good time looking around. There was an art exhibit of lithographs done by a woman who is turning 100 this year. If you have an extra $15,000-40,000, you could buy one of her prints! They were really cool though. Modern, clean and had great colors. I haven't been to the Japanese garden, so thanks Sara for the fun afternoon!


Emily said...

i've decided after this winter that i'll need some new winter gear as well. isn't it great when you realize you need stuff in the middle/end of the season? at least yours is at the beginning-ish. and nothing a cute hat can't fix, right? just tell dave it's necessary rain gear :)

Sara said...

It was fun hanging out with you! I wish those prints were cheaper!