sunday best


This week I wanted to find a little church outfit for sam. I'm sure no one cares what babies wear to church but I still wanted to get him a little white dress shirt because, well, >> cute. 

I looked a few places and finally found the onesie and the little pair of pants. Oh, those pants. Most places don't have dress pants for boys until 12m, but there was this one pair on the sale rack at h&m and I ended up getting them for a steal. 

Paired with a little st. patrick's day bowtie and he was good to go.


Karen said...

So sweet! I love church clothes on babies. Gabriel always seemed to spit up all over them or have a blow out before even half way through church in them, but still love them. I wish I could come over and hold you baby, he's darling.

Katya said...

Ah that bow tie! Too, too adorable.