aimee finally comes to visit!


I've been meaning to post this all week, but it turns out today is as good as any day to do it because it's Aimee's birthday today. WOOT WOOT. She hates get older but I think it's pretty fun. Aimee flew out for Sam's blessing which was awesome. She hasn't been up to Portland or met Sam yet, so we all felt this was a priority! He may not look too thrilled up there, but he had fun. Aimee and Sam hung out and I had extra time to do little things. win-win. We both also really like to go grocery shopping and spent way too long at trader joe's wandering around. 

She had some bad luck as far as the food she wanted to try: one cart was closed and the other was closed for an hour and a half right when we got we walked down to the waterfront and I waited in the voodoo donuts line (an hour? not sure it's ever worth the wait but oh well) while she checked it out. Then we snagged some koi fushion on the way back and the day was kind of a success, besides the part where she almost starved to death. She did get some salt and straw ice cream so that was definitely worth coming here, I hope.

Then on Sunday we went to Council Crest where you can see Mount St. Helen and Mount Hood and all of Portland. It's a great view on a clear day. This is me channeling jack donaghy (WATCH THIS CLIP) as Aimee didn't know what to do with her hands. A nice candid moment.

Hopefully she'll be able to come visit again soon because we loved having her here!

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Katya said...

So fun! Aren't sisters the best? Also, random, but last night I totally had a dream and you and all of your sisters were in it. And you had a brother, and you guys had all invented things...?
Anyway...I really like your mint shoes!